Overlap splices for paper manufacturing

  • Overlap splices give you the optimal amount of assurance that the splice will hold in many situations, including both temporary splices inside the mill and permanent splices that go to your customer. Select a 3M splicing tape.

    • Repulpable to prevent broke contamination from non-repulpable splice material (Repulpability determined according to TAPPI UM-213, Procedure A)
    • High shear strength that won‘t slip at high web tensions—a problem that can leave exposed adhesive and can cause web breaking because of adhesive “blocking”
    • Heat resistance to withstand high oven temperatures (typically associated with web printing), which helps reduce downtime at your customer due to splice failure
    • All of these tapes—except Splicing Tape 405—are FDA compliant 21 CFR 176.170 and/or 21 CFR 176.180 so the tape can be used on most food grade papers

    Simple overlap splices are recommended for splices which will not see additional coating operations. For overlap splices on the supercalender, high shear and temperature resistance are required. The tape must not slip or bleed through the paper under extreme pressures.

Products for overlap splices

  • Ideal for permanent overlap splicing on coated papers. Strong adhesion, delaminates most papers including many light weight coated formulations. Excellent heat resistance up to 400ºF (204ºC).

  • Used for splicing many lightweight coated papers; suggested for coated and uncoated supercalendered papers. Excellent heat resistance up to 400°F (204°C).

  • Creates a permanent, simple overlap splice on uncoated papers. Adhesive provides a very strong bond to cellulose fibers. Light green for easily identifiable splices.

  • Thin, strong, printable backing for splicing. Good for a wide variety of papers and temperatures. Blue repulpable adhesive on an easy release paper liner.

  • Strong paper backing for splicing. High initial adhesion plus good heat resistance makes it ideal for coated papers. Blue for easily identified splices.

  • Thin, strong backing for splicing and taping down leading or trailing edges on uncoated or highly starched paper grades. Red, non-repulplable liner with light green adhesive for easy identification.

Choose the right tape for the right splice

  • Repulpable Double Coated Splicing Tape 405

    For permanent, simple overlap splices (at the re-reeler, for example), press 3M™ Repulpable Double Coated Splicing Tape 405 across the trailing edge of the paper at the start of the roll. Remove the liner. Press the edge of the paper from the next roll on top of the 3M tape to form an overlap splice. The high tack, high shear strength double-sided tape holds firmly to create a permanent, simple overlap splice. If splice is scheduled for additional coating or other printing operations, tape down trailing or leading edge with a 3M single coated tape.