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  • You’re engineering the vehicles of today, innovating the vehicles of tomorrow and developing more connected roadways. So are we. That means using the entire breadth of 3M technologies to improve the vehicle’s energy ecosystem and making roads safer, smarter and more connected. All so you can solve today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.

    We leverage more than 100 years of automotive industry experience and combine this with extensive consumer electronics technologies, energy industry expertise and advanced materials technologies. All brought together to create custom solutions to help you envision and build the most advanced and capable vehicles and roadways. From head-up displays to optimizing Electric Vehicle (EV) battery range and performance, we’re working directly with you to reduce the development cycle and create fully integrated and immersive solutions.

    Let’s create the future.

Enhancing experience and improving propulsion

  • Human Machine Interface solutions including head-up display, eMirror and information displays.

  • Technology to enhance, bond and protect sensors and improving sensor targets.

  • Rendering of a battery array.
    EV Battery

    A full range of solutions to improve EV battery range, safety and manufacturing efficiency.

  • View of ePowertrain with wires connecting the components.
    Powertrain - EV & HEV

    Inverter and drive motor solutions to improve motor efficiency, thermal management and vibration isolation.

  • Electronic control unit design solutions including thermal management, electromagnetic interference, and electrical isolation, among others. 

Helping you maximize the vehicle’s energy ecosystem while delivering uncompromised performance

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  • Electric vehicle cross-section of energy ecosystem with 3M products: window film, lightweighting, insulation, HMI




Our high-strength, low-density, glass bubbles enable weight reductions of up to 30% or more in many different materials. Making cars lighter, yet just as strong, requiring less energy to propel the vehicle and improve range.

Explore glass bubble products.

Highly conductive thermal pads, tapes and epoxies provide superior structural strength while effectively dissipating heat in even the most demanding electronic conditions.

Explore thermal interface materials.

Alternatives to traditionally heavy fastening methods like spot welding, rivets and bolts to bond plastic to metal, low surface energy substrates and dissimilar materials in high volumes. Explore adhesives, fasteners, transfer & double-sided tape products.


Proven cushioning products provide consistent force within battery packs, holding components securely in place, guarding against normal structural vibrations and disruptions for optimal, long-living battery performance.

Explore cushioning products

Better controlling of the vehicle cabin temperature can help extended range, while providing a more comfortable occupant experience.

Explore automotive acoustic insulation and damping for NVH products.

This proprietary technology rejects solar energy and heat-producing infrared rays, taking less energy to keep the vehicle cool and enabling longer range.

Explore solar film products for automotive laminated glass.

3M offers flexible flame barrier solutions that provide excellent ignitability resistance to help designers create the right barrier between passengers and the EV battery.

Explore flame barrier products.

Enable visionary Human Machine Interface designs while drawing less power and using less cooling energy. Deliver design, safety and efficiency with leading technology in head-up displays, driver monitoring, eMirrors, information displays.

Explore HMI products.

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