Quality and Process improvement

  • 3M process improvements for satisfied customers

    Because your bottom line is directly related to manufacturing costs, keeping costs down is a daily struggle. 3M makes it easier with tools and strategies that save time, reduce expenses and keep your customers coming back for more.

Streamline Processes and Reduce System Costs

  • Streamline Processes and Reduce System Costs

    Keep your manufacturing lean, competitive and profitable without sacrificing quality, performance or overall customer satisfaction. Let 3M show you how to:

    • Eliminate unnecessary process steps, inventory, components and warranty work
    • Reduce expenses, increase productivity and increase savings overall

  • Cut-to-Size Wheel Weights Lower Costs

    Cut-to-Size Wheel Weights Lower Costs

    The road to improving efficiency and lowering assembly plant costs can be as easy as using the right wheel weights. Environmentally friendly and easy to use, 3M™ Wheel Weights come in five different profiles to help you:

    • Simplify inventory and reduce costs by slashing the number of SKUs required
    • Integrate automation into the wheel-balancing process using levelwound rolls with cut-on-demand or fully automated equipment

  • Decrease Costs and VOCs in the Paint Shop

    Decrease Costs and VOCs in the Paint Shop

    VOCs can be toxic in the paint bay. Protect your employees by reducing exposure to VOCs and lower painting costs with 3M™ Paint Replacement Film. This non-toxic film:

    • Reduces the need to paint intricate vehicle parts, such as pillars and door sashes
    • Cuts component, tooling and fitting costs versus molded trim alternatives
    • Protects your workforce against unnecessary fumes in the paint shop

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