About Defense

  • The first line of defense for our defenders.

    Whether improving tactical equipment, personal safety gear or extending the life of valuable machinery, 3M stands behind the defense industry with innovations that withstand the toughest challenges. When duty calls, find new resources in homegrown science to reinforce your operations and reduce expenditures.

3M Defense Applications Solutions and Products
The defense industry's toughest problems, solved.

Soldier Protection Solutions

  • Protect soldiers with a specially engineered 3M combat helmet that delivers ballistic protection and shock absorption.

  • Rugged, multi‐hit protection that’s lightweight can help your team stay mobile in combat zones.

  • Keep your team connected when it counts. 3M tactical communications are designed for comfort, mobility and improved performance.

  • Stay alert in the heat of battle. 3M solutions help protect hearing while enabling soldiers to locate the origin of sounds, such as artillery.

  • Comfortable and comprehensive, 3M eyewear incorporates the science of fit for maximum flexibility and integration with other tactical and protective gear.

Need Help Finding the Right Product?

We can match your specific needs – tactical, operational or other – with a precise, tailored solution using 3M’s robust technology portfolio.