Specialty and processing aid tapes for aircraft maintenance

Specialty and Processing Aid Tapes

Tapes play an integral role in aircraft MRO operations and support aircraft painting, metal processing, composite bonding, temporary and flyaway surface protection and cargo sealing. 3M offers everything from FR tapes to part marking tapes to interior and exterior aircraft graphics for decorative livery and design.

Adhesion Testing Tapes and Part Marking Tapes

  • Allows a clean removal from paint, plating and powder coatings while resisting tears.

  • A product image of 3M Polyester Film Tape 853
    3M™ Polyester Film Tape 853

    Over laminate tape used to protect surfaces from solvents, high temperatures and abrasions while maintaining visibility with 3M™ Polyester Film Tape.

    3M™ Polyester Film Tape 853

    Military specified product

Metal Processing Tapes

Chemical processing and anodizing tapes designed for metal parts.

Welding Protection Tapes and Media Blasting

Floor Marking Tapes and Exterior and Interior Graphic Films

Please ensure products meet all applicable specifications, standards, and maintenance manual requirements for the platform being worked on and validate all aircraft approvals against current technical documentation.

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