Sealing, Bonding and Joining for aircraft maintenance

Sealing, Bonding and Joining for Aircraft MRO

Sealing, bonding and joining are critical to any heavy check service. 3M offers a variety of sealants that keep moisture out and prevent pressurization and fuel leaks. 3M also offers a series of tapes and adhesives that may be used as an alternative to fastening hardware.


At 3M, we provide a range of high performance aerospace sealants that are lightweight and fast curing. Enabling streamlined production and reduced fuel consumption—the kind of savings that go straight to your bottom line.

Sealant Removal

Facilitate fuel tank repairs by removing existing sealants during heavy check maintenance with 3M™ sealant removal products.

  • Remove sealants in minimal time without causing damage with the 3M™ SR Cutter.

  • Remove light sealants without compromising sensitive components with the Scotch-Brite™ SR Radial Bristle Disc.


Achieve superb bonding for metal to metal, metal to composite and many other non-structural applications, with 3M bonding products.


  • Conform to irregular surfaces, assist with heat shielding and resist tearing with 3M™ High Temperature Aluminum Foil/Glass Cloth Tape.

  • Strong abrasion resistant backing provides strength for bundling, harnessing and protection applications requiring high tensile strength. This 3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 361 can be certified to meet F.A.R. 25.853 flame resistant specification.

Cargo Compartment Sealing

Durable backing provides abrasion and puncture resistance for long-term aging performance in aerospace applications.

  • A product image of 3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 398FR
  • 3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 398FR meets the flame retardant specifications of F.A.R. Part 25.853(a), F.A.R. Part 25.855(d) and MIL A-3316C 3 13.1 and 3 13.2. It is EU compliant per directive 2003/11/EC.

Decorative Laminate Bonding

Seal decorative passenger cabin materials with 3M™ high performance contact adhesives.

Please ensure products meet all applicable specifications, standards, and maintenance manual requirements for the platform being worked on and validate all aircraft approvals against current technical documentation.

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