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    If you need it, make 3M aerospace solutions your first choice.

    From adhesives to abrasives and films, from tapes to safety products, 3M has a deep and extensive offering of solutions tailored specifically for the aerospace industry.

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    Make aircraft completion easy.

    Quality you can count on. 3M has been partnering with the aerospace industry since its earliest days.

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    Industry-leading 3M Science.

    Streamline the full MRO process with 3M’s efficient and reliable aerospace solutions.

Solutions in every major category to help you get from start to finish.

  • Engineered to last longer, 3M’s diverse and distinct family of abrasives help return surfaces to their original state.

  • Achieve a clean and smooth surface to apply paint and decorative livery with a breadth of 3M™ aircraft painting solutions.

  • Prevent corrosion and inspire confidence with an extensive offering of 3M™ products that will help you clean surfaces inside and out.

  • To ensure the strongest and longest lasting bond, rely on 3M and our vast offering of tapes, abrasives and adhesives designed for composite maintenance.

  • Preventing and removal of corrosion is critical to ensuring the long-term viability of an aircraft. Rely on 3M’s corrosion management solutions.

  • Protecting electrical systems from the elements ensures critical systems function properly. Trust 3M™ electrical tapes to get the job done.

  • Engine overhaul is key to prolonging the life of an aircraft and making the aircraft safer to fly. 3M offers excellent solutions for your engine overhaul needs.

  • Help protect employees during the heavy check process with 3M products for personal safety. Our robust catalog of personal protective equipment can help your team get the job done safely.

  • Proper sealing of critical aircraft parts and structure ensures effective bonding and joining of nonstructural components. We offer a variety of solutions designed to work in the harshest conditions.

  • To deliver maximum efficiency during the heavy check process, rely on 3M™ tapes to ensure parts are properly labeled, protected and processed.

  • Make surfaces look better and last longer with 3M. Our category-leading solutions help protect and preserve surfaces on aircraft and in your facility.

  • Industry-leading proprietary materials engineered to control typical in-flight airborne noise and structural vibration over a wide range of temperature environments.

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Our Aircraft Solutions Don’t Stop at MRO.

At 3M, commitment to the aerospace industry begins where the aircraft begins. To learn more about how 3M supports aircraft OEMs and tier suppliers, visit the 3M Aerospace website.


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