Pavement Markings by day, lifelines by night

Did you know that on average, we only do 25% of our driving at night, yet almost 50% of traffic fatalities happen after dark? And when you add rain, the chances of a crash increase.

A head-on image of a black car whose right half shows a machine vision interpretation of speed and lane-keeping.
Redefine the Line

With pavement marking optics designed for any time, any weather.

Introducing our newest pavement marking product

  • We’re excited to announce 3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements. These high-performing, long-lasting optics are designed to provide continuous wet retroreflectivity —technology that could help reduce crashes and help keep all drivers and passengers safe.

  • Our All Weather Elements are engineered with unique microcrystalline optics technology to deliver superior brightness, color and all-weather performance*- and developed to sustain stable performance over the years- all at an acceptable cost.

    • Combines continuous wet and long-lasting dry retroreflectivity
    • Compatible with most liquid pavement marking binders
    • For new or maintenance marking applications
    • Installs with double-drop systems

    *Compared to previous generation of 3M™ All Weather Elements and several other commercially-available pavement marking optics.

  • Help improve safety with our advanced pavement marking tape. Its durable, all-weather performance help deliver visibility day, night and during rain. Our 2.4 index optics provide continuous retroreflectivity.

    • High profile diamond pattern with microcrystalline ceramic beads ensure maximum retro reflectivity in rainy conditions
    • Tougher, brighter, longer lasting than paint products
    • Easy application with pre-formed tape
  • Help improve work zone safety by marking temporary work zone lanes with removable, highly reflective, all-weather pavement markings

    • Highly reflective in wet or dry conditions with a raised pattern profile
    • Pressure sensitive adhesive eliminates the need for surface preparation adhesive
    • Superior adhesion and conformability
  • Improve work zone safety by marking temporary work zone lanes with a highly reflective, all-weather pavement markings that has been upgraded for easy application and removal to reduce scarring.

    • Ideal for longer duration projects
    • Higher internal strength for more intact removal; reduces the need for grinding
    • Exceptional durability—3M premium all weather optics ensure long-lasting durability

Interested in more information on the products?

Are you a transportation professional in the United States who’s interested in learning how to redefine the line with advanced pavement markings? Click the “request a demo” link below and provide us with your information and one of our sales professionals will contact you within the next two business days..


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