Woman holding up her privacy screen attached to her computer to show a coworker the data on the screen.
Screen privacy is part of a comprehensive data security plan

Complete your plan. Help protect your organization.

Strengthen data security with industry-leading screen privacy filters

Screens are everywhere. So is the information displayed on them.

Many information technology data security plans lack measures to prevent visual hacking. IT managers implement forms of digital protection to improve cyber security such as antivirus software, authentication, encryption and firewalls. But what about the data displayed on a laptop, monitor or tablet screen? Sensitive information – legal documents, financial statements, passwords and more – are all vulnerable. And with the rise of remote and hybrid work, the risks of visual hacking are greater than ever.

3M™ Privacy Filters are a low cost visual privacy solution that can help you complete your data security plan. Microlouver and nanolouver technology “blacks out” the screen at a certain viewing angle, deterring visual hackers while providing high brightness and clarity for intended users. When paired with 3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions, your employees can easily switch between screen shielding or sharing.

3 components of a comprehensive data security program

More employees than ever are working remotely, and the risks of visual hacking are clear. Clear enough that visual privacy and privacy screens are essential to a comprehensive, enterprise-level data security solution.

"The new norm of working from anywhere requires us to be smarter than our adversaries.” — Michael Musto, former Deputy Chief Information Officer, 3M

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  • Icon representing transmitted data on a laptop
    Protection when data is transmitted

    Standard measures include firewalls, VPN and data encryption.

  • Icon representing protected data stored on a laptop
    Protection when data is stored

    Devices are often armed with anti-virus software and access controls.

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    Protection when data is viewed

    The final piece of the plan – 3M™ Privacy Filters.

Visual privacy is just the beginning

Privacy screens from 3M help you secure sensitive data on your display while providing additional benefits for you and your employees.

  • - It can happen to anyone, exposed screen syndrome, but now there's 3M Brand Bright Screen Privacy Filters, 25% brighter while preventing embarrassment from confidential information escaping your screen. Ask your IT manager if privacy filters are right for you.

    Two people looking at each other as one hands the other a 3M privacy filter for their laptop screen.

    Virtually invisible
    The 3M™ Bright Screen Privacy Filter enables 85% light transmission within the viewing angle, making it 25% brighter than competing black privacy screens. Visual hackers will be blocked. Intended users will hardly know it’s there.

    Privacy with blue light reduction
    3M™ Privacy Filters can help reduce blue light without distorting the natural color of your display.

    Protection from scratches
    Screen repairs are expensive. Protect your equipment with 3M privacy filters that help keep screens free of marks, scratches, scuffs and dust. Many filters also feature a matte surface finish to help reduce glare and fingerprints.

    Save time
    3M privacy filters are easy for employees to install using 3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions. Combining world-class privacy with high brightness and clarity for intended users, they never have to be removed from the device.

Secure data in different work environments

Different workspaces require different privacy solutions. Take a minute to see how employees in different settings could benefit from 3M™ Privacy Solutions.

  • Employees who need to see fine detail in CAD programs or analyze rows of financial data could appreciate a privacy filter with higher clarity. Determine whom at your organization could benefit most from 3M™ High-Clarity Privacy Filters.

  • Direct light or sunlight can create challenging viewing conditions that diminish readability. 3M™ Privacy Filters have a matte finish on one side to help reduce glare, making it easier to adapt to changing light sources.

  • Healthcare staff are responsible for incredible amounts of confidential data. Help them stay HIPPA compliant with 3M privacy filters that are available in a variety of sizes, so screens around the facility stay protected.

3M™ Privacy Screens in action

A variety of industries have tested 3M™ Privacy Screens in their workplaces and the results are clear: 3M privacy screens help reduce security breaches.

Product Comparison Chart: 3M™ Privacy Filters for Monitors and Laptops

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