Different types of screens such as tablet, monitor, laptop, and phone with 3M privacy filters on them.
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Screen privacy filters for electronic devices

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Achieve world-class privacy for your employees with virtually no loss in display brightness. Protect screens from everyday hazards without impeding device performance. 3M provides a portfolio offering of advanced optical technologies that deliver visual privacy and screen protection trusted the world over. They’re your first line of defense against visual hackers, physical damage, screen glare and more – at home, in the office and everywhere else work is done.

Available for monitors, desktop computers and laptops, our privacy filters fit over 40,000 devices. Evaluate a product for your organization and show your commitment to visual privacy and data security.

  • Shield your screens from prying eyes while experiencing best-in-class brightness and exceptional clarity. 3M™ Bright Screen Privacy Filters utilize nanolouver technology to help you deter visual hackers while enabling up to 85% light transmission for the intended user. This makes them approximately 25% brighter than competing privacy screens. They are important for data security plans and helping you meet your organization’s privacy and compliance regulations.

  • With remote and hybrid work here to stay, sensitive data has never been at greater risk of being stolen by wandering eyes. 3M™ COMPLY™ Privacy Filter Attach Solutions allow users to easily shield or share information thanks to two attachment design options. Magnetic attach solutions provide quick-click privacy for monitors, while flip attach solutions allow laptop users to easily switch between privacy and screen sharing.

Help prevent visual hacking in the workspaces of today and tomorrow

When we think about cyber hacking, we may imagine a shadowy figure hunched over a laptop in a dark basement. But visual hacking can happen anywhere employees work, with a simple sideways glance at a neighboring screen. In a 2019 study, 82% of IT experts identified visual hacking as a serious threat to their organization.¹

The risks of visual hacking have escalated since COVID-19 and the global shift to remote work. A 2021 study sponsored by 3M found that the average percentage of US employees working remotely had nearly tripled from 24% to 65%.2 A 2022 McKinsey survey found that 58% of employed respondents (92 million people across jobs and employment types) could work remotely all or part of the week.³

Remote work is here to stay. For many employees, their screen – not the office or their home – is their primary workspace. Screens go everywhere they go: cafés, airports and countless other crowded spaces brimming with wandering eyes.

Learn more about visual hacking

  • Graphic showing the zone of privacy protection with people sitting next to you using 3M privacy screens.
    Zone of privacy protection

    Privacy screens – not an accessory, but a necessity

    Help prevent visual hacking in an everchanging workspace with the help of privacy filters from 3M. Our computer privacy screens incorporate microlouver and nanolouver technology that darkens the screen at certain viewing angles while maintaining high brightness for the intended user. They attach easily to devices to enable instant, low cost onscreen data protection, enabling employees to work efficiently while keeping sensitive data private.

    But don’t take our word for it. When surveyed, 85% of IT experts in the United States agreed that privacy filters are a simple insurance policy against visual hacking.¹

Why 3M? The answer is clear.

  • Person working on laptop in public
    A trusted leader in screen privacy and protection

    We pioneered the microlouver and nanolouver technology that are at the core of privacy screens and privacy filters. And we continue to be a trusted global leader in visual privacy and screen protection today.

  • 3M lab
    Privacy through the science of light management

    Display and device technology continues to advance. So do we. At 3M, we constantly refine our products to enhance visual privacy and help keep the information on your screens private.

  • Touch tablet
    Exceptional touch responsiveness and visual clarity

    Our ultra-thin products balance powerful screen protection and privacy with exceptional touch responsiveness and best-in-class brightness and clarity. They work simply and beautifully on today’s high-tech screens.

  • Visual privacy is important to a holistic IT data security plan

    Protecting data when it’s viewed is as important as when it’s transmitted and stored. See how 3M can help you strengthen your privacy and protect your organization.

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Two people sitting at a coffee shop sitting on their laptops with 3M Privacy film on them with cups of coffee sitting next to them.

3M™ Privacy Products

Find the right 3M™ Privacy Screen Filter for your monitor or laptop.

  • Laptop with a 3M™ Bright Screen Privacy Filters on the screen.
    3M™ Bright Screen Privacy Filters

    Combines world-class privacy with 85% brightness transmission, 25% brighter than competing black privacy filters. Blocks visual hackers; virtually invisible to intended users.




  • Laptop with a  3M™ Gold Privacy Filters on the screen
    3M™ Gold Privacy Filters

    Exceptional clarity for intended users, a stunning gold finish for everyone else.


  • A monitor and laptop with 3M™ Black Privacy Filters on the screens
    3M™ Black Privacy Filters

    Versatile, durable and ready for most devices and screens.



  • A monitor and a laptop with 3M™ Anti-Glare Filters on the screens.
    3M™ Anti-Glare Filters

    Help reduce mirror-like reflections on your screen while protecting against dust and scratches.



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  • At 3M, we proudly stand behind our products. Each of our privacy and protection products comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Request free replacement parts such as attachment strips for your 3M privacy or protection product.

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