Electrical Utility Application Guide

See how 3M helps connect power generation plants, substation, businesses, residents and more to the electrical grid with our guide below. Click the red dots to learn more about our products. Interested? Contact us here to reach a representative.

3M™ Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Splice
3M™ Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Splice
3M™ Medium Voltage Cold Shrink Termination
3M™ Electrical Tape, Mastic & Adhesive
3M™ Liquid-Filled Transformer Insulation
3M™ NOVEC™ Insulating Gas
3M™ Medium Voltage Sensored Cable Accessory
3M™ High Voltage Cable Accessory
3M™ Low Voltage Splice
3M™ Medium Voltage Separable Connector
3M™ Locating and Marking
3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR)
3M™ Personal Protection Equipment
3M™ Wind Energy Solutions
3M™ Solar Energy Solutions
3M™ Electrostatic Animal Guard

Help provide uninterrupted service, prevent shutdowns and avoid power outages with 3M.

  • Get the service delivery and performance you need
  • Realize cost savings
  • Help ensure your facility is meeting industry and regulatory standards