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3M™ Cold Shrink Cable Accessory Sealing Kits 8450 Series 3M™ Modular Splicing Kits 3M™ Shield Adapter Kits 3M™ Modular Tap Splice Kits 3M™ Industrial Loadbreak Bushing Inserts 3M™ Industrial Loadbreak Protective Caps 3M™ Industrial Loadbreak Elbows 5811 Series 3M™ PILC Accessory Oil Stop Kits 3M™ LBC Series Industrial Loadbreak Elbow Connectors 3M™ Equipment Connection Splicing Kits 3M™ Industrial Loadbreak Elbows 5810 Series
3M Separable Connectors in cabinet
Conveniently connect or disconnect power cables
  • 3M Separable Connectors on equipment

    3M offers separable connector solutions ranging from 5-25 kV for connecting electrical cable and equipment. 3M™ 200 Amp Industrial Loadbreak Elbow 5810 Series are fully shielded and insulated plug-in separable connectors for connecting 5–15 kV underground cable to transformers, switchgear and junctions equipped with loadbreak bushings. The 3M 600 Series Deadbreak Elbows are designed to connect equipment and cable on primary feeder and network circuits.