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3M™ ACCR High-Capacity Transmission Conductor
Delivering Reliable Energy

3M™ Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced received the R&D 100 Award for recognition as a technological breakthrough.

  • Picture of 3M ACCR product core
    ACCR's secret is its core

    The core is stranded from all metal composite wires of high purity aluminum reinforced with alumina fibers. The outer, current carrying wires are a hardened aluminum zirconium alloy.

    Compared to the same diameter steel core conductors, 3M ACCR has:

    • the same strength
    • less weight
    • less sag at high energy loads
  • Picture of diagram showing comparison of 3M ACCR to ACSS
    Lower weight reduces sag
    A lighter weight, high temp low sag conductor (HTLS) with twice the ampacity (or more), 3M ACCR doesn’t place extra weight or force on towers while meeting mechanical and clearance requirements. It carries more power in the same size cable and can run at higher temperatures without additional power line sag.

3M ACCR Construction Services

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    From project planning and logistics to training and onsite support, we work with you every step of the way.

    3M can help you to:

    • Design the project based on your plan profile and transmission line requirements
    • Select an effective, economical cable configuration that achieves your desired results
    • Build a list of required materials and accessories (BOM), package and deliver them
    • Determine cable lengths, difficult pulling angles, and sheave choices
    • Assist with identifying pull sites, equipment and splice locations
    • Remain onsite during installation until the contractor is comfortable with the process

    For additional support, we can perform hands-on demonstrations and cable installation training, bring utilities and contractors together to coordinate the project, and provide follow-up training for utility maintenance crews.

    With proven success in conductor installations worldwide since its inception in 2001, we’ll help you meet reliability standards on budget and on time using cables that can perform for many years.

    See how we support cable installation from start to finish.