Worker wrapping cable in 3M Rubber Electrical Tape

3M Rubber Electrical Tapes

Give your electrical splices and terminated cables extra padding and moisture protection, up to 69 k


Why choose 3M Professional Rubber Electrical Tapes?

  • Worker using 3M Rubber Electrical Tape in a manhole, confined space
    Moisture Control
    • Rubber tapes repel moisture, perfect for outdoor applications
    • Self-fusing rubber tapes, if wrapped properly, can provide a watertight seal
    • Further protect against harsh environments by overwrapping with a durable vinyl electrical tape
  • close up picture of 3M Rubber Electrical Tape texture
    Engineered to beat the heat
    • Our rubber electrical tapes are built to withstand high temperatures
    • Perfect for applications near motors, heat vents, or blast furnaces
    • Give extra heat and moisture protection to your low voltage applications
  • image of cable wrapped in 3M Rubber Electrical Tape
    Extra padding
    • Conforms around irregular, rough, or sharp edges
    • Used on electrical connections with constant, high vibration
    • With thicknesses 4X of vinyl electrical tape, you can provide extra mechanical protection to your connections

Which tape is right for you?

Watch 3M Rubber Tapes in action

  • Demonstration of 3M Mastic Tape self-healing technology on a puncture
    Watch 3M Rubber Tape Demo
  • Demonstration on how to install 3M Mastic Tape 2229
    Build a conductor jacket with 3M Rubber Splicing Tape 130C

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