3M Vinyl Electrical Tapes

3M has been in business for over 100 years and entered the world of tape in 1925 when we invented masking tapes. 3Ms invention of Scotch Brand No. 33 Electrical Tape in the 1940s marked a new chapter for insulating electrical connections and for the past 70 years, groundbreaking improvements put 3M at the forefront of vinyl tape innovations.

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The Evolution Continues…

3M introduces a new line of Temflex™ general use electrical tapes for your everyday needs.

3M continues to invest in new manufacturing technologies to deliver high quality vinyl electrical tapes for your every day needs. If there is a job or application that requires electrical tape, 3M has a solution.


A Tape for Every Task

From the tradesman to the professional, we have a tape to fit every application.

What makes a good vinyl electrical tape?

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  • Icon for Dielectric Strength
    Dielectric Strength

    3M Electrical Tapes are made with special adhesives which don't contribute to corrosion, preserving the maximum electric field the insulation can withstand.

  • Icon for Elongation

    The capacity for a vinyl tape to stretch contributes to a good seal, protecting the cable with a smooth, professional wrap.

  • Icon for Elasticity

    Tape elasticity will continue to contract after it's applied, helping seal connections from external contaminants. The ability will return the tapes shape after it's been stretched, giving you more flexibility during installation.

  • Icon for Temperature

    3M premium vinyl tapes are designed to perform in a wide range of extreme temperatures. This is to prevent peel and material deterioration, which can compromise tape performance.

  • Icon for Adhesion

    When your tape has to be long lasting, adhesion matters. Higher grade raw materials contribute to our tape adhesion ratings over a range of temperatures, giving you sticking power when and where you need it.

  • Icon for Thickness

    The thicker the tape, the better the protection against punctures and abrasion from rough environments. When used as a primary low voltage insulation, the extra padding helps increase dielectric strength.

More than a low-voltage insulator, Vinyl Electrical Tape can replace and reinforce cable jackets

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Vinyl Tape Quick Reference Guide

Still not sure which 3M™ Vinyl Electrical Tape is right for your application? Use this simple chart to compare the options or visit www.3m.com/electricaltape for more information.

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