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Automotive HMI Thermal Management


Display systems that can take the heat

Modern automotive HMI systems are technological marvels. From head-up displays to eMirrors and beyond, they have revolutionized driver experience in ways never thought possible. But there’s a catch: more functionality means more components, and more components generate more heat.

Effective thermal management is the linchpin of modern HMI design. That’s why 3M offers a wide variety of thermally conductive pads and tapes designed to divert heat from critical components. They deliver precise application and strong performance without added manufacturing complexity and help protect components in tight spaces with multiple heat sources.

  • Interface pads from 3M combine thermal conductivity with electrical insulation to protect flexible printed circuits, while interface tapes are ideal for eMirror LCD screens.

  • Protect valuable electronics by reflecting sunlight and diverting heat. 3M offers a 3-film solution to cover every layer of your HUD, from the PGU up.

  • Maximize display reliability and performance. Thermal management solutions from 3M are ideal for LCD screens, power chip drivers and other sensitive automotive display components.

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