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Body-in-White Solutions for Automotive OEM & Tier

A new era in bonding metals and composites.


More than just strength. A full range of benefits for body-in-white.

Available in a full range of chemistries and characteristics, structural adhesives from 3M help you make it better in your body-in-white applications – and consistent, reliable strength is just the start. With 3M™ Structural Adhesives you can replace welds, nuts and bolts and other mechanical fasteners, helping reduce weight and simplifying manufacturing processes. Our structural adhesives are excellent isolators, creating greater possibilities in multi-material bonding. You can use materials such as aluminum, structural steel and lightweight composites in body-in-white assemblies without the concern of corrosion. Since our structural adhesives cure at low temperatures, you can achieve structural bonds with less heat and reduced process energy for more sustainable operations.

Critical structure for body-in-white

Critical Structure Solutions for Body-in-White

  • When strength and reliability are not optional

    In this new era of bonding, 3M™ Structural Adhesives are formulated to stand up even in the toughest applications. Compared to traditional joining methods the use of toughened adhesives will improve the impact resistance of the structure and enhance its NVH performance. 3M adhesives are available with a range of modulus and elongations, which can help with varying degrees of energy absorption or transmission. Some of the two-part epoxy adhesives from 3M are toughened to prevent crack propagation in bonding vehicle constructions.

    Featured solutions:

  • hem flange bonding with structural adhesive tape spec in automotive
    3M™ Structural Adhesive Tape SAT1100

    Hem flange bonding made clean and simple.

Body-in-white hang-on parts

Solutions for Body-in-White Hang-on Parts

  • Not just better bonding. A better way.

    Structural adhesives from 3M are excellent for OEM operations such as hem flange bonding. Two-part structural adhesive formulations can cure at room temperature, or can be spot-cured by induction for faster lockup. There’s less heat during manufacturing, reducing the chance of panel distortion and warpage and allowing for a greater range of curing environments such as before or after e-coats. You can also eliminate curing ovens as a process step, simplifying manufacturing and contributing to sustainability and emissions goals. Plus, reduced galvanic corrosion and fewer mechanical fasteners contributes to more efficient recycling and end-of-life processes for hang-on parts.

    Featured solutions:

  • structural adhesive bonding for automotive oems
    3M™ Structural Adhesives 9816, 9820 and 9822

    Multi-material bonding with less heat.

  • Front quarter panel on scale with standard desnisty weighing more than the lightweight 3M™ Glas sBubble version of the front quarter panel

    Strong. Lightweight. Sustainable.

    Strong. Lightweight. Sustainable.

    As body-in-white manufacturing trends toward the use of SMC/BMC, our cross-industry expertise allows 3M to provide 3M™ Glass Bubbles – microscopic, hollow glass microspheres that feature an extremely high strength-to-density ratio. Glass bubbles can replace heavier materials during resin production, compounding and molding without sacrificing the integrity of the panel. Glass Bubbles can reduce weight of SMC/BMC up to 45%, creating an ultralightweight composite to replace heavier steel and aluminum in body-in-white components.

    Featured solutions:

    3M™ Glass Bubbles for Sheet Molded Composites

We help you make it. Better.

  • Bird's eye view of a glowing neon technical view of a sedan

    Structural adhesives from 3M can also contribute to your sustainability and emissions goals. With fewer needs for curing ovens and energy-intense machinery, you can reduce heat in manufacturing to help lower emissions and energy costs as well as improve panel integrity.

  • Man assembling a body-in-white using 3M solutions at an OEM
    Production efficiency

    Our two-part, 3M structural adhesives for body-in-white demonstrate excellent rheology and can easily be dispensed and applied using fully automated equipment. These two-part, structural adhesives from 3M are capable of developing handling strength at room temperature or with short induction cycles, which will help to shorten process time and minimize part distortion. They are available in two-part liquid adhesives, single-layer structural epoxy adhesives in a tape format, and more. Our epoxy film tapes apply cleanly without squeeze-out, allowing for more consistent adhesive thicknesses and precise bondlines. Some adhesives expand during cure in standard e-coat ovens to provide gap filling.

  • Body-in-white pieces on shelves for hem flange bonding
    Hem flange bonding

    Structural adhesives from 3M are proven reliable for hem flange bonding. You can improve hem fill and reduce hem welds. 3M two-part adhesives are compatible with spot induction, so you can reduce the time and energy required for spot welding. They can also cure at room temperature without washout, reducing heat-related panel distortion. 3M adhesives and tapes designed for body-in-white are compatible with various dry film, draw and lube oils. They are also suitable for the latest techniques in metal-to-plastic injection joining.

Need help finding the right solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.

3M™ Structural Adhesive Tapes (SATs) allow for structural bonding and isolation of steel, aluminum, carbon or glass reinforced fiber and other composites, ideal for preventing galvanic corrosion without additional e-coat. They are crucial for preventing corrosion after radiator attachment at the Tier. They are also useful for streamlining production of pre-assembled parts at Tiers with processes similar to OEMs.
3M has formulated many of our structural adhesives to help meet stringent automotive manufacturing specifications for the direction of crash energy, helping protect vehicle occupants. In fact, 3M is more often referenced in OEM repair procedures for panel bonding and impact resistant structural adhesives than any other adhesive supplier. Featuring toughened epoxy chemistry, structural adhesives for body-in-white are excellent for door and frame components.