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Metal Grinding

Long-lasting discs, wheels and belts that help make the daily grind easier.

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3M Abrasives for Metal Grinding

Make productivity and worker comfort a top priority with the latest grinding abrasives from 3M. These products can offer high cut rates, durability and cool cutting on all types of ferrous metals, stainless steels, alloy steels and cast irons.

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Winning Abrasive Combinations for Grinding Metal

Pairing the right abrasives together can result in a winning combination that optimizes productivity, designed for worker comfort, and helps deliver high-quality results for your metalworking application.

Metal Grinding Applications Videos

Watch videos of our winning abrasive combinations to learn more and help you find the one that's right for your application.

Find the Right Product for your Job

Use our comparison chart to find the grinding abrasives you need.

Abrasive Solutions for Every Step of the Way

At 3M we specialize in delivering engineered abrasive solutions for every step of your abrasive process. We help you improve productivity and safety so that you can succeed every day from first cut to final finish.

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