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Robotic deburring and finishing are exciting opportunities for manufacturers to increase productivity and mitigate the challenges of a shrinking workforce. But with that excitement comes risks, challenges and unknowns. 3M is a trusted leader in robotic material removal. With decades of experience partnering with system integrators and robot manufacturers – and as a leader in abrasives for robots – we can help you navigate the automation process with confidence.


Tools and More | Abrasive Automation

  • Increase consistency, efficiency and throughput in your paint defect repair process with the new 3M™ Finesse-it™ Robotic Paint Repair System. Comes packaged with tools, abrasives and expertise to get you started.

  • Need an automation partner? Use the growing 3M Robotics Network to find a system integrator that best suits your specific application needs and location.

  • Automating an abrasive operation can be complicated. That’s why we developed a set of resources and tools to help guide you through the process, from concept to robotic cell.

  • Robotic sanding implementation just got a lot easier. 3M and ATI Industrial Automation have teamed up to deliver a new sanding system, ready to mount to your industrial robot or cobot.

Watch 3M abrasives make the most of automation.

Not sure if your process can be automated? Or maybe you're just curious what robotic deburring looks like. Watch the video simulations below to see what robots are capable of when they're equipped with 3M abrasives.

  • pushcorp robotic weld grinding steel bumper
    Robotic Weld Grinding and Blending with 3M Abrasives
  • PushCorp Robotic Beveling and Surface Finishing
    Robotic Beveling with 3M™ Cubitron™ II Abrasives
  • Robotic Sanding and Finishing with 3M Abrasives
    Robotic Sanding and Finishing with 3M Abrasives

See the best abrasive products for automation.

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  • 3M Application Engineers partner with other industry leaders to discuss robotic grinding, finishing, sanding and more. Check out recordings of past events and register for future webinars.

  • 3M has the expertise, connections and products to help you automate your abrasive process. Download our informational brochure to learn more about abrasive automation.

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Ready to connect with a 3M abrasives expert? Our team is here to answer your questions about automated abrasive processes. Whether you're just starting to consider robotics in your operation, designing a robotic cell for your abrasive process, or making a final abrasive selection, let us help you get the most out of automation.

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