1. The science of shims. Maximum power density.
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    The science of shims. Maximum power density.

    • Speeding down the highway, shifting gears, hearing that engine roar. It’s a feeling car enthusiasts can’t get enough of. Yet, with today’s strict fuel economy standards, engines have gotten smaller, which in some cases impacts capability for high-performance driving.

      At 3M, our scientists have created a solution. We developed the technology that allows car owners to satisfy the need for speed, all while sticking to a smaller, lighter engine. Under the hood, 3M™ Friction Shims and Coatings increase the coefficient of friction in the engine’s contacting surfaces, transmitting up to four times higher torques than conventional systems.

      Thanks to the science inside our shims, your car can continue to flex its muscles the way it’s designed to. No compromises, just great performance.

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