Industrial columns at a chemical processing plant.
Taking steps to avoid shutdowns and steering clear of high costs

Help keep your plants operating at peak capacity today and into the future

Trends in manufacturing such as evolving technology and intensifying competition pose challenges to cost, quality and efficiency. Maintenance cycles may be longer, and efforts to avoid unplanned shutdowns should be made. Meeting demand for cleaner, more sustainable operations worldwide is also crucial. That means lower emissions and reduced waste.

Meeting these big challenges often comes down to the smallest components. Gaskets, linings, seals and other critical parts in manufacturing machinery need to resist the effects of chemicals, corrosion and extreme temperatures. They should also help control permeation, reduce leakage and enhance product purity. 3M can help. A broad range of technical ceramics and advanced fiber materials can help you keep your plants operating at peak capacity.

  • Reduced corrosion

    3M Technical Ceramic Parts can help you eliminate product contamination, especially in chemicals produced using metals. They can help decrease sudden leakages associated with enamel while helping you enhance your plant safety.

  • Reduced permeability

    Our ceramics can help you increase your equipment life, reduce material waste and lower emissions to help you meet evolving regulations.

  • Chemical stability

    Help protect vulnerable surfaces and avoid chemical product contamination. Technical ceramics can also help you simplify multi-purpose plant layouts and help reduce equipment weight.

  • Cost of ownership

    Durable, high-performance materials from 3M can help you eliminate individual maintenance cycles and reduce the need for replacement parts. They can also extend service intervals from months to years, enabling predictive maintenance and virtually eliminating downtime between production runs.

3M products for industrial machinery applications

Pumps and compressors

Problems we help solve for pumps and compressors

3M™ Technical Ceramics are essential to helping you meet the unique challenges of pumps and compressors, which must endure intense pressure and resist corrosive chemicals in fluids and gases.

  • Seals and gaskets made from 3M fluoropolymers in a compressor.
    Seals & gaskets

    3M uses technical ceramics to produce wet seals, mechanical seals and dry gas seal faces. 3M technical ceramics offer exceptional tribological performance under high load alongside high mechanical strength, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance. 3M™ Silicon Nitride Gas Seal Rings, for example, help minimize leakage and maintenance in gas-lubricated seals. Their high mechanical strength enables higher speeds and enhanced reliability.

    3M™ Silicon Nitride Gas Seal Rings

  • Sliding bearings

    Shorten maintenance cycles and help avoid unplanned downtime in submersible pumps and valves. 3M™ Silicon Carbide Sliding Bearings are manufactured from silicon carbide, a technical ceramic material with excellent tribological performance and a hardness approaching that of diamond. Offering high abrasion and corrosion resistance, they can withstand some of the most demanding conditions in a variety of oil, gas and chemical applications.


    3M sliding bearings can also be used in seal-less pumps or magnetic drive pumps. They are ideal for pumping toxic solutions that require containment as well as acidic, caustic and abrasive solutions that would cause ordinary mechanical seals to fail.

    3M™ Silicon Carbide Sliding Bearings

  • Measuring wheels

    Determine oil well shape and depth with confidence using  . Made from sintered silicon nitride – a strong, hard and corrosion-resistant ceramic 60% lighter than steel – they possess exceptional toughness to withstand some of the most intensive mechanical conditions. Silicon nitride measuring wheels offer excellent wear resistance to comparable alumina or zirconia parts. Thanks to a low coefficient of thermal expansion, they maintain accuracy in extreme temperatures.

    3M™ Silicon Nitride Measuring Wheels

  • Valve balls & seats

    Get reliable, long-lasting service through exceptional toughness and corrosion resistance in aggressive media. 3M™ Silicon Nitride Valve Balls and Seats are made from advanced technical ceramics and can be crafted to your precise specifications. They facilitate chemical processing and other industries that deal with harsh conditions and challenging fluids. Use 3M ceramic valve balls and seats for tough jobs where no other known material will do.

    3M™ Silicon Nitride Valve Ball & Seat

Heat exchangers

Heat exchanger illustration.

Problems we help solve for heat exchangers

Seals & gaskets: 3M Nextel Ceramic Fabrics can be braided over a core of insulation to produce highly durable, reliable thermal gaskets. Nextel ceramic fabrics remain flexible at high operating temperatures to dramatically extend the lifetime of the gasket. Gaskets with complex geometry (e.g. tadpole gaskets) made with Nextel ceramics are ideal for uneven flanges and surfaces.


Industrial furnace

Problems we help solve for furnaces

For industrial furnaces, the material used for interior surface linings, zone dividers and tube seals must be able to handle the heat. That’s in addition to having resistance to chemical exposure and damage from abrasion and thermal shock. 3M meets these challenges whereas solutions from other refractory textiles may not.


3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fabrics and Textiles can withstand temperatures well over 2000°F (1093°C) while protecting furnace surfaces and equipment for long, cost-effective life cycles. The unique combination of flexibility and durability at high temperatures sets them apart from other high-temperature textiles like aramids, carbon, quartz and glass and enables them to provide long lasting solutions for furnace linings, tube seals, heat shields and more.

  • Linings

    Get reliable, long-lasting furnace linings. A 3M Nextel furnace lining system will help reduce dust, avoid product contamination and extend the lifetime of the furnace insulation. Nextel Furnace Lining systems are oxidation resistant, chemically resistant, lightweight and flame resistant. They minimize erosion in ceramic bulk fiber modules and other insulating materials, which helps to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Tube seals

    By creating a flexible and high temperature sealing solution around tube penetrations through furnace walls and ceilings, Nextel tube seals help save money by decreasing fuel consumption, reducing heat loss and controlling excess oxygen. 


    Tubes seals made with Nextel Ceramic Fabrics are used as long term solutions at temperatures of 900–2372°F (482–1300°C). They maintain their sealing ability and integrity against the intense heat found in process heaters and furnace reformers. By stopping excess air from entering the system, tube seals made from Nextel Fabrics help prevent harmful NOx emissions.

  • Heat shields

    Nextel Ceramic Fabrics serve a wide variety of high-temperature heat shielding applications in and around furnaces. Lightweight, flexible and featuring excellent resistance to thermal shock, they can be sewn into countless forms: heat shields to protect specific areas, pads for transporting high-temperature materials, or ties for securing an object within a high-temperature location.


    In the petrochemical industry, Nextel Ceramic Fabrics are an excellent choice for heat shields on radiant coils since they will help prevent hot spots, which in turn will help to reduce coke formation within the tubes and reduce premature aging of the tube surfaces.

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