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  • The Precision to Optimize Assembly Process Production

    You need your assembly process to run efficiently. That means precise data and communications and spotlessly clean components and parts. That’s where we come in.


    Imagine if you had continuous shutdowns due to poor data transmission resulting in significant impact on the manufacturing process leading to defects, lower yields and increased assembly line down time. 3M products are carefully designed to help keep two-way data communication running smoothly.


    We also recognize that oils, silicones, dust, and particulates can have negative effects on electronic and electrical components. 3M’s precision cleaners play an important role in keeping components free and clean of potentially harmful dirt and debris.

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Clear Connections, Clean Components

3M offers a collection of products for clear data communication and precision cleaning to promote efficient assembly process performance.


Product Categories

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    Aerosol spray and precision cleaning solutions for improved productivity and reliability.

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    Interconnect Solutions

    Connectors, cables and cable assemblies to help improve your connection reliability.

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    Display Enhancement Solutions

    Films and adhesives for the enhancement and protection of displays used in a wide range of environments.

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids for solvent cleaning and vapor degreasing

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    A smarter, safer way to clean

    • Whether you are manufacturing electronic components, medical implants or other intricate parts, cleaning components with a high-performance precision cleaner is a critical step in delivering a quality product. But some cleaning solvents — such as those that contain n-propyl bromide (also known as nPB or 1-BP) or trichloroethylene (TCE or TRIKE), which is classified as a Category 2 carcinogen — are facing increased scrutiny as a possible source of worker health issues.
    • 3M’s Novec Engineered Fluids provide an alternative to nPB and TCE in cleaning applications so manufacturers can provide a safer work environment without compromising cleaning performance. Not only does it make compliance with regulations easier, it’s better for the environment than many other cleaners.
    • Choose from a range of fluids with specialized properties that help ensure compatibility with materials including metals, plastics or printed circuit boards to deliver the appropriate cleaning strength for your needs.
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3M™ Novec™ Aerosol Cleaners

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    Spray cleaning keeps electronics running

    Electronics manufacturing, whether automated or manual, requires exacting levels of cleanliness. Even the smallest metal shavings from drilling a hole or inserting a screw could have negative effects on electronic and electrical components.

    3M™ Novec™ Aerosol Cleaners play an important role in keeping electronic devices clean and free of potentially harmful dirt and debris. They are specifically designed to combine effective cleaning performance with a wide margin of safety and a favorable environmental profile.

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Interconnect Solutions

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    Reliable Solutions for Your Manufacturing Process

    Imagine a robot relying on camera feedback being unable to correctly place a component due to poor data transmission. Machines must have clear communication to operate an effective assembly line. Any signal loss or corruption of data can have significant impact on the manufacturing process, leading to defects, lower yields and assembly line down time.


    3M's reliable interconnect solutions offer shielding, LVDS transmission and cross talk reduction, helping you design, modify and customize your product, as well as seamlessly integrate our products into your manufacturing process on a global basis. We offer a wide range of solutions including connectors, cable assemblies and assembly tooling.

Wire-to-Wire Connectors

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    Providing Reliable, Long-Lasting Connections

    Link Connectors and Mini-Clamp Connectors from 3M provide reliable, long-lasting, easy-to-install connections in electronic manufacturing machinery and sensor systems. Featuring 3M insulation displacement contact (IDC) technology, they are currently deployed in factories around the world for factory automation applications, conveying systems, building automation and communication networks.


    3M Link and Mini-Clamp Connectors are also well suited for the assembly and installation of LED products for general lighting applications, such as residential, office, and hospital environments.

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