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Light is powerful. Harness it with 3M.

We improve lives by using advanced optical science in innovative materials and processes.

3M optical solutions for display and optical sensor systems

See what’s possible when optical science is on your side.

The power of optics for enhancing displays and optical sensors is endless — see what it means for you. Through innovative materials and structures, 3M can help control the angle and polarization of light, filter wavelengths and bond with optically clear adhesives (OCAs) so you can address optical, design and performance needs. Work with us to turn “what’s possible” into “what’s next” using trusted optical science.

Optical solutions for consumer electronics and automotive applications

System-level knowledge. System-level solutions.

At 3M, we develop advanced optical materials that address system-level attributes through key optical capabilities so you can design your displays and optical sensors to reach their full potential. From prismatic films that increase brightness in displays, to collimation films that improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in optical sensors, we work to help you meet key requirements so you can have more confidence in your final design.

  • With optical films for consumer electronics display systems, find new possibilities in design, functionality and efficiency. Use light angle control to achieve up to 30% brighter TV displays, integrate a privacy function into your notebook screen, or filter out UV light to reduce thermal effects on components. Then flex your latest design ideas with foldable OLED displays using our OCAs.

  • Address system-level needs in optical sensors through key optical capabilities and see the benefits in design flexibility and functionality. Control the angle of light to improve false acceptance rates (FARs) and false rejection rates (FRRs), combine wavelength and light angle control technology to position biometric sensors under both OLED and LCD screens, and use OCAs to drive thinner form factors.

  • See how our historic expertise in material and optical sciences is being used to influence the latest in optics. We’re exploring many different applications and technologies, including the potential of large-area sensing for security and convenience, innovative optical components for augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) devices, manufacturing optical metamaterials, and more.

Optical solutions for automotive displays and optical sensors

  • The center head up display (HUD) of a vehicle.

    Reimagine what you can do with automotive displays and sensors with light management at the system level and see the benefits in safety, design and reliability. Use our core optical capabilities to improve your head-up display (HUD) clarity and brightness, add additional driver monitoring/LIDAR sensors, and discover new curved information display designs that can be bonded with OCAs. You can even cool cabins and protect vital electronics from harmful UV light.

    Optical films for automotive displays

    Optical films for automotive optical sensors

Why 3M?

With 3M, get the confidence and satisfaction you deserve.

From concept to mass production, 3M is uniquely positioned to collaborate with you. Our broad portfolio offering optical film solutions is supported by more than 100 years of material expertise, global manufacturing capabilities, and a relentless commitment to research and development. Move forward with a better feeling — peace of mind — that only 3M can deliver.

  • Man in a lab coat holding a manufactured component.
    • Manufacturing
      We work with you from the earliest stages of inspiration to understand your material challenges and then collaborate with internal teams to determine the necessary manufacturing process to deliver the product.
    • Expertise
      Our historic expertise runs deep and extends far beyond material and optical sciences. Beyond inventing multilayer optical films (MOFs), we are keen on the latest market segment trends, environmental regulations and more so we can help you address the big picture beyond product solutions.
    • Robust R&D
      We can run system-level optical and mechanical models of your design and simulate outcomes to ensure your application has the optimal contrast, color, resolution and minimal optical artifacts before you go into production, minimizing risk and saving you potential rework costs.
    • Global reach
      Our teams across the value chain in R&D, manufacturing, supply chain and application support are ready to engage with you all over the globe, so you can have someone with your needs in mind, every step of the way.

Sustainable electronics

  • Sustainable electronics icon with a leaf and an electrical plug.
    • Our grassroots team is constantly in search of new ways to enable decarbonization, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote recycling. From the products we develop, to how they are shipped, see how we can work together to have less of an impact on the environment.
    • Choose products that enable efficiency
      • Optical films enable efficient displays that consume less power and battery life
      • Optical films allow for fewer LEDs and smaller batteries to be used in your design
    • Recycle and reuse
      • We’ve developed plastics that can be recycled into pellets for injection molders to create keyboards, power bricks and plastic components
      • We work to reduce single-use plastics by reusing shipping materials

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