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Plastics, Composites, and Components for 5G network infrastructure


Exploring the science of successful 5G

So much of 5G telecommunications infrastructure depends on the availability of low loss materials. 3M has decades of experience in compounding and chemistry for the manufacture of durable, lightweight plastics and composites, ideal for the next generation in telecommunications.

Our solutions can help you optimize the performance of your 5G components. Our range of products is ideal for composite and plastic components in small devices such as electrical connectors, hand-held housings and antenna-in-package applications, and for larger applications such as antenna box radomes. Our additives and functional fillers can partially replace costly resins, lower cycle times and increase part throughput. They can also help you meet tight standards for electrical and thermal performance.

Optimize 5G signal strength – and so much more

  • 3M Nextel Ceramic Fiber weave

    Our 3M™ Nextel™ Ceramic Fibers can deliver the look, feel, and stiffness greater than high modulus carbon fiber with RF transparency that is required for consumer electronic housings, frames and cover glass supports. You can achieve metal-like mechanical properties much more efficiently vs. CNC metal or monolithic ceramic production. And you can maintain the low Df, electrical insulation and RF transparency you need for high-performance 5G.

  • 3M Nextel Ceramic Fiber weave
    Thermal management of plastics and composites

    Adding our 3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers (BNCF) can really make a difference for plastics or composites that must meet requirements for thermal performance and signal transmission in epoxy, polycarbonates (PC), silicone and other resins. Specifically in PC, our BN fillers show improved bonding compared to other thermal fillers. 3M™ BNCF can increase thermal conductivity and limit RF absorption properties in 5G components. Boron nitride-filled material features excellent dielectric properties including low Dk and Df to help maintain 5G signal strength and integrity.

  • 3M Glass Bubbles frequency illustration for 5G.

    Stronger 5G Signal Transmission - at lighter weight

    As base stations and other 5G telecommunications assemblies are increasingly implemented, demand grows for lighter weight in every component. 3M solutions for low-loss plastics and composite materials include our latest 3M™ Glass Bubbles. These tiny, hollow microspheres feature extremely high crush strengths to withstand extrusion and injection molding processes. Blended with resins in 5G composite production, Glass Bubbles can help cut resin costs while reducing part weight from 15% to 40%. 3M™ Glass Bubbles for 5G can also:

    • Aid in resin cooling for decreased cycle times, faster production and increased part throughput
    • Enable consistent and controlled materials with low moisture content
    • Deliver excellent aesthetics for covers and coatings such as paint
Person holding a phone in front of 5G tower.
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