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    View our video to see how 3M™ Glass Bubbles enable 5G!

    By now it’s clear that in telecommunications, you’re either designing for 5G Sub6 or actively innovating for 5G mmWave demands now and into the future. The search for low loss materials and thermal management solutions is critical to enabling faster data transmission as well as managing the increased power and heat demands that come with 5G implementation. These solutions apply to printed circuit board (PCB) copper clad laminates (CCLs), base stations, radomes, antenna systems and other essential 5G assemblies. At 3M, we’re applying science where it matters most collaborating on the advanced materials needed now and in the future.

    Added capabilities for 5G designs
    Our latest 5G material innovations, for example, include 3M™ Glass Bubbles designed with 5G in mind. You’ll discover that they can help you tailor the dissipation factor (Df) and dielectric constant (Dk) of applications while also allowing you to achieve smooth, lightweight 5G substrates – applicable specifically for PCB CCLs, antenna boxes and electrical connectors.

The science of 3M, and the full power of 5G.

  • You can do so much more with CCLs for 5G. For example, you can tailor the CCL resin in your dielectric layers to reduce signal transmission power loss at higher frequencies, and improve signal-to-noise ratios. More layers mean more heat – and you can manage that also, while controlling cost.

  • A 5G antenna box must enable speed, power and data integrity. That means standing up to long-term heat and weathering, while improving signal transmission inside and out. It must be cost-efficient to produce, and look great besides. All of this is not just possible – it’s here.

  • It’s time to expect more from your high speed high frequency (HSHF) materials in 5G. Whether you’re designing plastic matrix composite components or dielectric layers in copper clad laminates (CCLs), 3M provides a range of solutions to achieve the exact balance of electrical and thermal performance you need in your specific 5G applications.

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At 3M we are investing in the 5G space and beyond. We have global resources looking at 5G trends and materials needs as well as having global lab capabilities to test dielectrics up to 90GHz. We can help you with your 5G telecommunications needs. Let’s get started!

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