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Design Without Limits With 3M Paint Masking Solutions

The right masking solutions can bring designs to life with clean, crisp, sharp paint lines — on every vehicle, every time.

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Comprehensive Paint Masking Solutions for Fleet, Specialty and Commercial Vehicles

  • In the ever-changing world of specialty vehicle design, delivering the latest paint trends is frequently limited by the hard reality of how costly and complex it is to make in-line changes in the manufacturing process. 3M offers comprehensive custom masking solutions that work with existing production equipment and processes. The result is inspiring paint finishes, produced efficiently and consistently without changing equipment, processes or speed of delivery.

Paint Masking Solutions: Three Applications Where 3M Can Provide Support in the Paint Shop
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    Multiple Color Designs

    Masking tapes quickly and easily provide a sharp separation line between colors, while films can cover large areas to protect the rest of the facility.

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    For small fixes, masking tapes quickly mask around just the area that needs repainting, then remove quickly and cleanly when the repainting is completed.

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    Facility Maintenance and Painting

    Both masking and duct tapes can be used for repairs and labeling around your facility. Tapes can also be used to mask floors and walls for facility paint jobs.

Reliable Masking and Duct Tape Solutions

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  • Finishing defects get noticed, so it’s critical that the solutions you use are easy to apply for a sharp mask line and can stand up to the necessary bake cycles. Then, after they’re done protecting the masked surface, they should also remove easily and cleanly.

    • High Temperature Crepe Masking
      Paint masking for custom, two-tone and multiple color applications and high temperature paint processes.
    • Fine Line Masking
      Achieve sharp paint lines and color separation for curves and straight lines.
    • Masking Films
      Protect large areas from overspray and bleed-through.
    • Duct Tapes
      Industrial strength duct tape covers and seals openings.

Experience the Benefits of 3M Paint Masking Solutions

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    Easy to Use

    Easy to unwind, apply and remove in one piece.

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    Conforms to Irregular Surfaces

    Conformability to stretch and adhere to varied surfaces and around corners, resulting in easier masking of curves and contours.

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    High Temperature Resistance

    Ideal for multiple bake cycles and high temperature paint masking.

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    Sharp Paint Lines

    Resists tearing and slivering at removal to minimize potential frustration and provide consistent delivery of sharp paint lines and designed edges.

  • With experts around the world, our Global Commercial and Specialty Vehicle Masking team can come to your site to make recommendations and ensure your creative paint designs work all the way down the line. Our collaborative solutions are designed specifically for OEM applications and processes to help save time and reduce expenses while bringing your creative vision to life.

  • AC and DD pillar applicators are designed specifically for OEMs as a lightweight, intuitive and robust tool for masking complex surfaces such as rooflines. Each includes application tips in four different sizes which can be further adjusted on the tool to mask to the precise depth required. Magnets help keep the tool aligned while an integrated cutter block helps increase productivity.

Need help finding the right masking solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of commercial and specialty vehicle OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.