Person in a large autobody shop for semis applying dirt trap protection material to the floor in preparation for vehicle body work.

Surface Protection

Protecting your project during production means less do-overs. 3M surface production solutions help protect against dirt, dust and spills, helping keep your work area cleaner and your production process moving forward.

Video screen capture of a paint spray gun applying red paint to a metal surface of a vehicle.

Another layer of confidence in your production.

Featured Products

  • Excellent for use in industrial paint shop booths, 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection Material features a nonwoven surface that traps dust, dirt, overspray and other tiny enemies in auto painting. This material repeatedly withstands bake cycles of up to 180°F. A low-tack adhesive removes without residue, saving time on cleaning and booth maintenance.

  • When dust, dirt and overspray accumulates on windows, it blocks natural light and creates a less productive work environment. This durable, clear film saves you the time and money of removing these contaminants with scrapers and cleaners. A transparent low-tack adhesive keeps the film in place, and allows it to peel off cleanly without leaving residue.

  • This flame-retardant, adhesive-backed paper is excellent for protecting vertical surfaces such as walls, automotive glass and light fixtures, and painted sheet metal during welding or grinding. Tough, reusable paper resists sparks and splatter without burn-through when positioned vertically on nearly any surface. It applies quickly and removes cleanly.

  • 3M™ Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric is excellent for a wide range of industries and applications. Its nonwoven surface traps dirt and provides light impact resistance, and a tough layer underneath resists even challenging industrial fluids. A light adhesive backing keeps it in place and removes cleanly. Lightweight material is available in 300’ rolls in widths from 4” to 56”.


A vehicle paint room protected with both dirt trapping paper on the floor and walls and windows protected with dirt trap clear adhesive.

Surface Protection you can trust.