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  • Graphic of a blue hemisphere with red circles representing molecules to show surface energy

    Episode 1: Surface Energy

    Have you ever wondered how tapes and adhesives work to hold two objects together? Or why they stick to some things better than others? Join host Andy Gerver as he sits down with 3M Application Engineer Joey Benson to discuss the topic at the center of that conversation: surface energy.

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Featured guest:

  • Photo of 3M Application Engineer Joey Benson with his dog
    Joey Benson

    Joey has an extensive background in material science from working on polymers and biomaterials in graduate school at the University of Minnesota, where he received his PhD. Find out why he compares high-surface-energy materials to the "popular kids at school" and much more by downloading or streaming this episode today.

“Think of surface energy as popularity…if a substrate has a high surface energy, like a metal, its like the cool kid in school – all of the molecules in the adhesive are going to want to interact with it.”

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