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Automated Manufacturing with Adhesives and Tapes

Save time, money and improve your manufacturing process through automation.

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Improve your processes with 3M Tapes and Adhesives

At 3M, we understand that there are many different ways to improve manufacturing processes. You may require different solutions in different parts of your production process. Whether you're already moving toward automated solutions, or still relying on basic tools, 3M has the resources and support to help you take your manufacturing process to the next level by improving your assembly process.

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    Tape is applied to an assembly piece with 3M On Demand Bonding System
    Simplify assembly

    The 3M™ On Demand Bonding System featuring 3M™ VHB™ Extrudable Tape can help you simplify assembly.

  • (SPEECH) [UPBEAT MUSIC] (DESCRIPTION) Logo and text, 3M, in Collaboration with Vulcan Technic. 3M Straight Line Laminator, How to operate. Alignment. A person works at the machine. Text, Insert the substrate into the base. Align the base alignment plate against the substrate. Press the plate against the substrate, keep in mind to press against the substrate to cause friction. Lower the applicator roller. Before starting the application operation make sure that the applicator is at the proper height. Feeding. Red tape is over an upper wheel and under the applicator roller next to it, and moves outward onto a substrate as the operator moves the substrate forward and sets another substrate in place behind it and feeds it through. In a close view, the tape holds the two pieces of the substrate together. Text, Cutting. The operator uses a blade to cut the tape at the junction, then slides the bar along the machine. He cuts the tape at another junction. He cuts at another junction, just under the applicator roller, then lowers a lever at the back of the wheel and roller and they raise up. Logo and text, 3M. Science. Applied to Life. Learn more at engage dot 3M dot com slash straight line laminator. Copyright 3M 2022. All rights reserved. 3M Product Name are trademarks of 3M Company. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

    A man wearing safety equipment uses the 3M™ Straight Line Laminator
    Increase throughput

    The 3M™ Straight Line Laminator for stiffener and post assembly can help increase throughput and consistency.

  • (SPEECH) [ROCK MUSIC] (DESCRIPTION) Logo on a machine, 3M RoboTape. Tape Automation System. Meet the next generation of industrial bonding solutions. Push past the boundaries of manual application with the excitement, the adventure, the performance of automation. Introducing the RoboTape System for 3M Tape. A collaboration of 3M and 3M RoboTape Tape Automation System. This automated dispensing solution for select 3M Tapes will take your production to new terrain. Now you can apply tape in a curved radius, apply required pressure without extra steps, and finish it off with clean cuts. Customized for your assembly line, the RotoTape System for 3M Tape is pre-programmed and mechanically advanced to pass 3M's five-point check and optimize the areas of: 1. Limited tape stretch. 2. Accurate tape wet out. 3. Splice identification and disposal. 4. Successful liner handling. 5. Repeatable tape placement accuracy. And to work with the 3M tapes you know and trust. The result is faster, smarter tape application. The RotoTape System for 3M Tape can help your manufacturing process increase throughput; improve quality; improve consistency; reduce work-in-process; reduce rework; re-task and develop your workforce. Advance to the next level in product design and development. Apply tape up to 300mm per second. Immediately handle taped components. Implement your complex designs faster. Leave manual taping in the dust! Text, It's fast and easy to empty the liner drawer and change spools with zero downtime. Plus, the RotoTape System for 3M Tape can integrate with many existing automation systems. So, whether you're manufacturing automobiles; HVAC systems; appliances; all-terrain vehicles, take your production process beyond limits. Introducing the RoboTape System for 3M Tape. A collaboration of 3M and Innovative Automation. Logo, 3M RoboTape. Tape Automation System. Logo, 3M. Tagline, Science. Applied to Life. Text, Learn more at engage dot 3M dot com slash RotoTape.

    The RoboTape™ System for 3M™ Tape applies adhesive to a product
    Precise application

    See how the RoboTape™ System for 3M™ Tape can quickly and precisely apply tape.

  • (SPEECH) [NO SPEECH] (DESCRIPTION) A sign that says, 3M. Bonding process center. Welcome. Gears turn, a robotic arm shifts, Workers use bonding equipment. Text, Bonding challenges? Bring your parts to the 3M Bonding Process Center. Put 3M experts to work. Put 3M technology to work. Put 3M innovation to work on a bonding solution customized for you. 3M experts will help develop, improve, optimize your bonding process, manual or automated. Explore tape and adhesive options. Explore dispensing options. Explore automation options. And discover the ideal solution for your application. Come see it. Come experience it. 3M Bonding Process center. Bonding. Solved. 3M. Science applied to life. United States, Germany, China. 3M.com slash B P C.

    A piece of machinery applies adhesive to a product
    Improve operational efficiency

    3M™ On Demand Bonding System brings your operation the efficiency, versatility, simplicity and sustainability you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Are you ready to improve your bonding process?

There are many factors that can play into the decision about what range of process improvement best meets your needs. Your decision for any process changes will be based on your part volume, labor, how precise the application must be, available budget and whether you do short or long production runs.

These general categories can help you understand the broad range of process improvement options and - just as importantly - the possibilities of automation. As you're preparing to take your manufacturing process to the next level with automation, consider what level (or levels) your production is on today.

Start by evaluating where you sit on the readiness scale below.

Our bonding solutions can help you get started

  • The 3M™ On Demand Bonding System featuring 3M™ VHB™ Extrudable Tape is an automated bonding solution that can launch your process into the future. Learn more about how this solution can help your operation maintain a competitive edge.

  • Brought to you by the experts at Innovative Automation and 3M, this solution automates production tape applications that require precision, repeatability, and high output. Find out how this carefully optimized system can help make your assembly faster and easier.

Bonding process resources from 3M

We're your partner in improving your bonding process. These resources can help you get started.

  • Learn more about automating assembly with 3M tapes and adhesives. Find out if automation is right for you and how to get started with an integrator.

  • It's important to find a partner that knows how to handle tapes and adhesives. Don’t have one? Get started with integration services or a machine builder in our Bonding Automation Network.

  • Visit a 3M Bonding Process Center in-person or virtually to learn what solutions can help you achieve your assembly goals. Talk to a 3M Application Engineer or try the equipment with your own components.

  • 3M Preferred Converters can provide 3M Tape cut-to-size for your application - no matter where you are in your automation journey.

We're here to help.

Need help finding the right product for your project? Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M technical specialist. Or give us a call at 1-800-831-0658.

Need help finding the right product for your project? Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M technical specialist. Or give us a call at 1-800-831-0658.

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