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  • Graphic of an adhesive between two substrates and filling in miniscule gaps at the surface of one to show mechanical adhesion

    Episode 3: Mechanical Adhesion

    • How much surface area is your adhesive grabbing onto? Are there ways to increase it? Why does it matter? Join host Andy Gerver and his guest, 3M Application Engineer Nick LaBelle, as they tackle the tough questions about mechanical adhesion on this episode of 3M™ Simplify Science.


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Featured guest:

  • Photo of 3M Application Engineer Nick LaBelle
    Nick LaBelle
    Nick has held several application engineering roles since joining 3M in 2001. Over the years, he’s had a hand in helping customers design cellphones, cars, appliances, aircraft, spacecraft and much more. Listen in as he and Andy talk through the mechanics of why things stick.

“Its always surprising to me, the creativity that our customers show…I’ve worked on a lot of interesting things over the years and I’m always impressed with what people are willing to try to further their designs.”

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