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  • Graphic of a strip coming off a roll of tape being attracted to the intended substrate by electrostatic adhesion

    Episode 2: Electrostatic Adhesion

    • You know that thing we all did as kids, when we would rub a balloon on our heads and stick it to the wall? Did you ever wonder how and why that actually works? Join Andy as he talks with 3M Senior Application Engineer Reese Weber about the science behind electrostatic adhesion – and why it’s important in the world of bonding and assembly.

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Featured guest:

  • Photo of 3M Senior Application Engineer Reese Weber
    Reese Weber

    Reese graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 2014, and he’s been putting it to good use at 3M ever since. Check out what he and Andy have to say about electrostatic adhesion by downloading or streaming this episode.

“Every single substrate, on a microscopic level, is not perfectly flat – you’ve got peaks and valleys. So when you put pressure (on an adhesive) you’re touching those peaks, but you need to get contact down into those valleys to get an even higher and higher bond strength.”

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