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  • Graphic of an adhesive intermingling at the surface of substrates to show chemical adhesion and diffusion

    Episode 4: Chemical Adhesion and Diffusion

    • Let’s go below the surface – we’re taking a deep dive into chemical adhesion and diffusion with 3M Application Engineer Tony Kremer on this episode of 3M™ Simplify Science. Andy and Tony discuss how bonding works at a molecular level, and why it can be the key to sticking to “hard-to-bond” materials like certain plastics.

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Featured guest:

  • Photo of 3M Application Engineer Tony Kremer
    Tony Kremer

    Tony has been working in bonding and assembly for over 28 years with 3M. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1986 and went on to receive master’s degrees in both Chemical and Nuclear Engineering from the Universities of Minnesota and Virginia, respectively. He also served five years in the U.S. Navy before joining 3M. If anyone is qualified to talk about chemical adhesion, it's Tony.

“In any given adhesive bond between a substate and an adhesive or tape, you may have all four (mechanisms of adhesion), or you may have one or two. Whether they occur depends a lot on which adhesive you’re using and the condition of your surface.”

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