• Joining/Bonding Composite Parts

    Joining and Bonding of Composites and Other Substrates

    • Joining/Bonding Composite Parts

      If you’re an engineer, composites are likely becoming a part of your day-to-day work. No longer just for aerospace and marine applications, recent advancements in manufacturing have made composites less expensive and more commonly used in transportation, industrial design, sporting goods and much more.

      As composite use increases, so does the challenge of how to join composite parts together and to other materials, such as steel or aluminum. To maximize your design’s performance, consider:

      • Advantages of adhesives vs. mechanical fastening specific to composite materials
      • Type of assemblies and applications typical for composite materials
      • How to select the appropriate adhesive to maximize your product, part, or joint
      • Testing and prototyping for bonding of composite parts

      Read the full White Paper (PDF, 798.54 KB)

Work with 3M to identify design solutions

3M offers a wide range of innovative adhesives that can be selected for optimal bond area and anticipated loadings in joint designs.

Through the 3M IATD TSR Program and the 3M IATD Design Solutions Program, 3M also helps customers by conducting design reviews and identifying the best design solutions.

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