Product mock-up example of 3M automotive masking solutions on a red sports car.
Paint Masking Solutions for Automotive OEM + Tier Suppliers

For any masking job, we’ve got you covered.

  • Product mock-up example of 3M automotive masking solutions on a red sports car.
    Two-tone Paint Masking

    Bring paint designs to life – we’ll study your process and recommend comprehensive and efficient solutions including products, application methods and overmasking protection.

  • Icon of a medics cross in a circle for 3M repair masking.
    Repair Masking

    Details are critical when you need to repair during manufacturing – our masking solutions can help, including critical windshield flange masking.

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    Part Masking

    Create sharp paint lines and designed edges efficiently with integrated solutions that include fine line tapes, die cuts, crepe masking tapes and films.

Two-tone Paint Masking: Balancing Perfection and Speed

More and more customers demand customized vehicles, including two-tone car paint. Undermask and you spend time removing paint, overmask and you have to go back and repaint spots. To keep costs down you need to get it right quickly and efficiently. You also need to understand your process and decide whether to paint the entire body first or just one half. 3M can help by collaborating with you to find solutions that save time and money.

3M offers comprehensive custom masking solutions including high temperature crepe masking tape, fine line tape, masking films, and applicators that work with existing production equipment and processes.

Video shows achieving clean lines for two-tone vehicles
  • Featured Product: 3M™ Adjustable Paint Masking Applicators

    Manufacturers are facing unprecedented circumstances, including a combination of skilled labor shortages while also needing to increase throughput on the line and reduce rework. When we developed 3M™ Adjustable Paint Masking Applicators we focused on four key areas to make a tool that's easy to use precisely and at production speed:

    • Precision with every adjustment to a range of tape widths
    • Faster application with integrated cutting, clean web handling, and thin profile
    • Made from impact-resistant composite materials that can stand up to manufacturing environments
    • Lightweight and ergonomic

  • Product application image of a man putting 3M masking tape on a vehicle.

    On-site Process Support from 3M

    With experts around the world, our Global Masking Application Specialists can come to your site to make recommendations and ensure your creative paint designs work all the way down the line. Our collaborative solutions are designed specifically for OEM applications and processes to help save time and reduce expenses while bringing your creative vision to life.

3M Repair Masking Solutions for AOEM

Masking films and tapes for automotive in-line and end-of-line spot repair have to meet demanding requirements to produce quality work. These products should feature high conformability, high baking temperature resistance, and be able to remove cleanly without damaging any fresh paint that is applied. 3M offers comprehensive masking solutions that supports all areas of the AOEM painting process.

Masking solutions for automotive spot repair

Product Solution for Repair and Plastic Part Masking

Whether you’re masking plastic parts or making paint repairs on the line, the right mix of products and processes helps your workforce expertly and efficiently create sharp paint lines and designed edges. 3M masking products are engineered to stick firmly to many different substrates, survive the heat of the bake cycle and then remove cleanly to help keep your production efficient.

Masking Tapes

Masking Tapes

  • Provides strong holding power and exceptional high-temperature resistance. Heavy crepe paper backing resists bleed-through.

  • A smooth, heavy duty, mini-crepe paper masking tape that features aggressive holding; excellent for multi-bake paint cycles.

  • For critical paint masking applications requiring a strong hold. Conformable for easy masking around corners, over contours, and irregular surfaces.

Masking Tape Product Details

Fine Line Tapes

Fine Line Tapes

  • The polypropylene backing is stiffer than vinyl fine line tapes, while conforming easily around corners. Good moisture and solvent resistance. Used as a layout tape for high value, multi-color and custom painted graphics.

  • Smooth, vinyl backing provides conformability for sweeping curves and straight lines. Removes cleanly. Available in: opaque blue (4737S), translucent blue (4737T) and with a liner (4737TL, 4737SL).

  • A highly conformable tape used to achieve sharp contrast and color separation while painting on highly contoured, curved and shaped surfaces. Holds in depressions, and around corners and edges. Also available with a liner (4735L).

Fine Line Tape Product Details

Masking Film

Masking Film

  • Designed for soft flexing. Provides good drape and conformability. Eliminates fiber that can occur with masking papers. Protects where bleed-through of solvents and paints may occur.

  • Two rolls of 3M™ High temperature paint masking film 7302
    3M™ High Temperature Paint Masking Film 7302

    A high performance, high temperature wide area masking film that is designed to not scratch or damage surfaces and is flexible for good drape and conformability.

  • Roll of 3M™ Ultra High temperature paint masking film 7305
    3M™ Ultra High Temperature Masking Film 7305

    Eliminates bleed-through — Seals against solvents, enamels, lacquers and paint.

Masking Film Product Details

3M How-To Videos for Masking Applications

Need help finding the right masking solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.