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3M Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

3M Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

Automotive Manufacturing: Materials and tools for every step in automotive assembly.

  • The automotive manufacturing process is more complex than ever, with processes measured in microseconds and output measured in the hundreds of thousands. That’s why you need a partner that delivers cutting-edge solutions for every step in the manufacturing process. 3M Automotive Manufacturing Solutions are engineered to help pull the biggest opportunities out of the smallest details – helping you drive efficiency, optimizing costs, increasing quality and driving output through each stage of your manufacturing and assembly process.

    3M Automotive Manufacturing Solutions: Organized, efficient, optimized for you.

A solution for every process.

Recommending the right solution means understanding the entire assembly process. Explore the automotive assembly process map to learn more about 3M solutions that can help optimize applications within areas of the plant.

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Press Shop

Also known as stamping, the press shop marks the beginning of the process for most plants. 3M offers solutions for heavy duty metal work to lighter sanding and finishing.

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Body Shop

At the body-in-white (BIW) stage, a complex mix of welding, fastening and bonding applications are carried out. 3M solutions help clean and smooth weld and fastening lines prior to paint.

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Paint Shop

3M offers solutions for many processes within the paint shop including e-coat and primer prep and repair as well as complicated masking jobs.

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Finesse Deck

Making sure the paint job is perfect before it moves into general assembly is key. Explore 3M solutions for small spot repair, clearcoat application and finishing — both in manual and robotic applications.

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End Of Line Repair

Some jobs are too big or time-consuming to be done on the line. Tackle these jobs with industry-leading 3M spray gun systems and masking solutions.

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Automotive Manufacturing Field Guide

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    Process expert guidance for each step of the way.

    Get and in-depth view of potential 3M solutions for critical steps within the automotive manufacturing process — from the press shop to final inspection. Our automotive process experts have compiled a comprehensive overview of key process steps, critical applications and recommended product solutions based on decades of industry experience.

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Our Newest Solutions for Automotive Manufacturing

  • 3M has eliminated the tradeoff between dust extraction and disc performance. By combining legendary 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology with a net backing, 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II Net Disc 710W achieves an industry-leading cut-rate while allowing for virtually dust-free sanding.

  • Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737 features a natural rubber, pressure sensitive adhesive that holds reliably to surface contours. Its smooth, vinyl backing provides conformability for working with complex shapes and curved surfaces. Due to its specially developed backing, this tape resists lifting around corners or in depressed areas.

  • Masking to the right depth can mean the difference between a perfect paint job and one that needs rework. 3M™ Adjustable Paint Masking Applicator is a robust masking tape application tool used to apply Scotch® Fine Line and 3M™ High Performance tapes (up to 0.75 inch/19 mm) on complex surfaces, such as the roofline or rear hatch of a vehicle.

  • A spray gun is more than just a gun when it can help you improve your bottom line. The 3M™ Performance Spray Gun is the industrial coating solution that can help reduce variability in your process and boost productivity by giving technicians a smarter way to spray.

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