• Maximize productivity without compromise

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    Get high strength and FST performance for aircraft interior applications.

    “With thousands of new aircraft expected to be produced in the next decade and an anticipated surge in demand for interior retrofits, interior components will need to be produced at high rates,” explains Anna Geary, 3M Global New Product Introduction Manager for Aerospace Adhesives.

    “3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesive EC-9356 B/A FST, a two-part epoxy paste adhesive, is a key selection from our well-established range of structural adhesives and void fillers for aircraft interior part bonding and fabrication applications. It can enable our customers to maximize productivity and reduce overall production costs, all without compromising performance.”

    See how this advanced aerospace structural adhesive from 3M can help you overcome key design challenges and optimize your interior part production efficiency.

    • Fast curing

      Designed to cure quickly with low exothermicity, Scotch-Weld EC-9356 B/A FST cures to handling strength within just 2 hours and reaches full cure within 24 hours. Its fast flow and work life of 20 minutes at room temperature make it usable for a wide variety of bonding applications: honeycomb panel bonding (ditch and pot, cut and fold, mortise and tenon joints), insert bonding, metal-to-honeycomb bonding and more.

    • Tensile Lap Shear Strength Build Up chart

    • Scotch-Weld EC-9356 B/A FST visual showing overlap shear strength and floating roller peel strength.

    • High strength

      Scotch-Weld EC-9356 B/A FST reaches a maximum tensile lap shear strength of 25 MPa (3600 PSI) and a floating roller peel strength of 105 N / 25 mm (23 PIW). It can help bond interior part materials including metals, thermoplastics such as such as PEI and PEEK, thermosets and composites. It can aid in the fabrication of a range of load-bearing structures across the cabin: storage bins, lavatories, galleys, seat structures and more.

    • Easy to use

      Easy to mix and apply, Scotch-Weld EC-9356 B/A FST has a convenient 2:1 mix ratio and is available in Duo-Pak cartridges and bulk options. Its thixotropic, non-sag consistency can facilitate vertical bonding applications. In its uncured state, it can even hold light brackets without supporting fixation.

      The adhesive can be stored at room temperature. The minimum shelf life is 6 months from date of shipment in the original unopened containers.

    • Scotch-Weld EC-9356 B/A FST has a convenient 2:1 mix ratio, is thixotropic, non-sag, and has low exothermicity visual.

    Standards and requirements

    Scotch-Weld EC-9356 B/A FST has been tested to and meets flammability requirements as listed in 14 CFR 25.853 (a) and toxic gas emission requirements per ABD0031/AITM 3.0005 (Issue G). It has been formulated without halogenated flame retardants and antimony trioxide, to help reduce the risk of obsolescence due to REACH regulations.

    Authorization to use

    Ensure products meet all applicable specifications, standards, and maintenance manual requirements for the platform being worked on and validate all aircraft approvals against current technical documentation.

    • Learn more

      3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Structural Adhesive EC-9356 B/A FST is undergoing qualification at a number of aircraft OEMs. To learn more, please contact our team.