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Delivering Comfort with 3M PPE

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  • A welder’s job can require many types of PPE, and we understand the challenge in fitting all of these different products together and having them work together. That’s why 3M has built an integrated welding respiratory system into one solution.


Case Study: Worker Comfort in Welding Equipment

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The railroad and marine industries are filled with tough working conditions, but the Greenbrier Companies believed they could improve them. Thanks to products available from 3M, they were able to make their work a safer place.

Breathing safe air isn’t just a requisite, it’s essential – and it’s a health risk that concerned Greenbrier’s Director of Environment, Dave Harvey. Working with our 3M PPE Safety Solutions Team, we were able to help Greenbrier protect welders’ respiratory system with the 3M™ Adflo™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System.

  • Safety Director talking to camera

    Find out how Safety Director Dave Harvey lowered risks and increased productivity with 3M.

  • Welder talking to camera

    Hear Welder Gordie Blair talk about finding a respiratory system that provided protection, without eliminating facial hair.

  • Operation Manager talking to camera

    Learn more about the solution that gave Operation Manager Walt Stokeman more protection and freedom for his workers.

Customize Your Headgear

Find a fit that’s right for you. Need help choosing a helmet? Contact your local 3M distributor and book a demonstration.

  • Welding Comfort Product Selector
9100 FX Air
  • High Efficiency particulate respiratory protection system for welders
  • Lightweight, compact design with ergonomic, adjustable head suspension
  • Flip front welding shield allows for a clear, wide-view protective visor for grinding and setup
3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Helmet 9100 FX-Air with 3M™ Adflo™ PAPR
  • New, more durable leather shroud
  • 10% weight reduction when compared to L-905SG
  • Protection from welding arc (ANSI Z87) plus spark and splatter
3M™ Versaflo™ Respiratory M-Series Helmet Assembly Leather Shroud, Flame Resistant Helmet Cover & Speedglas™ Weld Shield M-409SG.
  • Assigned Protection Factor (APF) 25
  • Limited head (ANSI Z89.1-2003 Type 1 Class G) and eye (ANSI Z87.1-2010) protection
3M™ Versaflo™ Respiratory Hard Hat Assembly M-307, with Premium Visor and Faceseal