Hard Hat and Faceshield PPE

Whether your application or environment calls for a hard hat, faceshield or safety helmet, we offer components that can be combined to accommodate your needs. We’re at the leading edge of head and face protection because we have people in the field, researching the nuanced needs of different jobs, and we’re constantly elevating the standards of personal safety for a wide range of industries.

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Getting the job done right.

Our head and face protection products help deliver protection, comfort and performance wherever the work takes you.

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How to choose Head & Face Protection
  • By selecting the right type of head protection, you can help reduce the potential for injury from bumps to the head, falls and impact from falling or flying debris. Traditional hard hats and safety helmets are common solutions for these types of hazards.

  • Faceshields and welding helmets are designed to help protect your face from flying objects, debris and other splash hazards that may not come from above you. We offer a variety of products designed to integrate faceshields with head protection.

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    On-the-Job Head Protection: What You Need to Know

    Wearing the right head protection—bump caps, hard hats, or safety helmets—can help reduce the potential for injury. This short eBook explains your choices for head protection by industry and job, features and benefits, longevity and care requirements, as well as compliance information.

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Head & Face Protection Conversion Programs

Receive special offers when you convert your crew to 3M Head & Face Protection.


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Introducing new 3M™ SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000 Series for comfort and protection of those who work at height.