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Confined Space Safety

What is a confined space?

  • Confined spaces present some of the most challenging environments for health and safety professionals. From potentially toxic atmospheres, to physically hazardous conditions such as extreme temperatures, unstable materials, or the potential for falls, confined spaces often present unseen challenges. Creating and maintaining a safe jobsite with confined spaces can depend on having correct, current information.

    Confined spaces are areas that are:

    • Large enough for workers to enter and perform certain jobs AND​
    • Limited or restricted means for entry or exit AND
    • Not designed for continuous occupancy (not necessarily designed for people)

How do I plan and prepare to enter?

For help with permit and non permit required confined space entry - Evaluate considerations for entering a confined space.


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Key Elements of a Confined Space Plan

  • Know the steps (JPG, 867 KB)

    1. Plan
    2. Access
    3. Work Inside
    4. Rescue & Retrieval

  • Image of Rick Argudin, Senior Trainer - Watch Video

    Every year people are overcome by hazards while working in confined spaces. In this video, Rick Argudin, 3M Senior Safety Trainer, examines some of the basic equipment that is needed for confined space entry, retrieval and rescue.

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Confined Space Training

  • Image of Tim, Senior 3M Trainer, Watch Video

    Proper planning is essential to working safely in confined spaces. Due consideration should be given to many issues, such as: preparation of the site, selection of equipment and PPE, personnel requirements, as well as training. Watch this video on some key training requirements for confined space.

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Training is a key aspect of ensuring confined space entrants, attendants, supervisors, and rescuers are aware of the hazards they may face in confined spaces, and receive the proper training to carry out their job safely. 3M can support employers in complying with training requirements through our series of instructor-led Confined Space courses.

  • Confined Space Entrant/Supervisor

    Duration: 2 days (up to 16 hours)

    Recommended Attendance:
    This course is designed for personnel who supervise or must access and work within confined spaces.

  • Confined Space Entry Rescuer

    Duration: 3 days (up to 24 hours)

    Recommended Attendance:
    This course is for personnel who supervise or must access, work and/or perform rescue within confined spaces. This course includes the 2 day (Up to 16 hour) Confined Space Entrant/Supervisor course.

  • Confined Space Entry Trainer

    Duration: 4 days (up to 32 hours)

    Recommended Attendance:
    This course is designed for individuals who are responsible for training confined space entrants and/or attendants. This course includes the 2 day (16 hour) Confined Space Entry Supervisor/ Entrant course, 1 day (8 hour) Confine d Space Rescue course and the 1 day (8 hour) Confined Space Trainer course.

  • Custom Courses

    We also offer customers the opportunity to customize a course based on their unique needs

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Confined Space Products
Confined Space Products
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