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  • How does 3M Safety Inspection Manager (SIM) work?
    SIM is a cloud and mobile based system that works in combination with certain PPE, Safety Equipment, and Areas with unique identification in the form of RFID tags and barcodes.
  • Yes, a notifications feature is built into the SIM system. It is user configurable and is based on a subscription model where a user can subscribe to only the notifications of interest.
  • Currently the SIM software system is standalone and only supports minimal integration with other safety software systems via an API. Future releases of the software will look to improve this support. Please contact your SIM support representative if you have specific needs.
  • Yes, the SIM will work equipment identification via barcodes (most industry standard) and manual IDs (alpha-numeric). However, 3M recommends the use of RFID for safety critical equipment. Barcodes and manual IDs (such as serial numbers) operate as ‘read only’ systems and the responsibility lies with the user to make sure they always sync their mobile device prior to interacting with the equipment and immediately following the transaction to prevent conflicts.
  • IAM system is designed and scoped for certain reusable PPE and other safety equipment.
  • Locations have been identified for select 3M PPE and are described in the tagging kit user instructions. For use with other PPE or safety equipment, 3M as well as non-3M, consult with 3M Technical Services. At no point should an RFID tag be placed in a manner that could lead to compromise of the safety function of the PPE.
  • Yes, but it is not specified or tested for non-3M PPE. It is necessary to consult with 3M Technical Services and the non-3M equipment manufacturer to help you determine an appropriate location for the tag on non-3M PPE.
  • Yes, the tag uses a 3M™ VHB™ adhesive to attach tags to PPE and other safety equipment. Both field testing and laboratory testing have been done to validate the durability of the tag attachment.
  • No, for the 3M PPE included in the User Instructions, all locations have been selected to not interfere with the NIOSH approvals. General rules for tagging are: avoid locations that affect functionality of the equipment; do not cover or obscure warning labels, or any other markings such as model numbers; locate the tag in an area that is as flat as possible and accessible to a reader. Consult with the non-3M equipment manufacturer to confirm the regulatory acceptance of RFID tagging.

Data and Security

  • Who owns my data?
    You, the customer, own your data.
  • Per the terms of the user agreement, 3M has the right to monitor and access the data to improve the SIM and create new features or products. In addition to 3M, any user/employee authorized and permitted by the customer to use the SIM has access to the data. Per user agreement, 3M may also use the data for marketing or selling 3M products to the customer. 3M may de-identify customer data using standard industry practices. Please refer to the user agreement for further details.
  • Although no data system can be 100% foolproof from third-party access (e.g., hackers), the SIM is built with industry standard data management methods and security methods to safeguard the data.

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