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3M™ Safety & Inspection Manager

A safer environment starts when you gain visibility into what's going on with your EHS equipment - capturing, accessing and gaining insight from data about the equipment itself, your workers, and the compliance activities you perform every day.

3M™ Safety & Inspection Manager

Legacy paper and spreadsheet-based safety management and inspection tracking systems are highly manual, create considerable administrative burdens, and can be the source of errors due to manual transcription of data. 3M Inspection & Asset Management System utilizes cloud-connected inspection software tools and identifiers (RFID tags, bar codes, etc.) that allow personnel to easily complete safety checklists on their mobile devices and quickly disseminate real-time inspection results for action and reporting.

See how to use the network-connected SIM to move beyond EHS compliance and start creating a more robust safety culture.

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Attend our upcoming webinar to learn the ins and outs of SIM and see how you can leverage it to improve your EHS effectiveness and compliance, all while helping improve workplace efficiency and productivity.

  • Track completion of training, fit testing, and medical evaluations.

  • Reduce paper, administrative time and redundancies like transferring data from one report to another.

  • Track inspection schedules, eliminate paper checklists and be audit ready — at all times.

  • Know who’s using your high-value tools and equipment and where they are, reducing equipment loss.

  • Use the compliance data you collect to build reports that help you spot trends, identify areas for improvement, and make more effective decisions.

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Learn how a 3M manufacturing plant streamlined preventive maintenance inspections using Safety & Inspection Manager.


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SIM helps health & safety managers in these industries track and maintain EHS compliance, increase efficiency and improve worker safety.

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    Easily document MSHA inspections including pre-shift workplace exams. Track fit testing, medical exams and other information.

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    Oil & Gas

    Keep track of on-site compliance inspections and work area observations; manage fall protection inspections and maintenance; easily track user training.

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    Record inspections for safety showers, ladders, eye wash stations and fire extinguishers; easily track user training.

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    Record inspections for safety showers, eye wash stations, respirators and fire extinguishers; track compliance safety audits and fit tests.

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    Heavy Industrial/Transportation

    Track user training, fall protection inspections and maintenance, and compliance safety audits including area observations.

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    Use a mobile app to quickly access data on equipment checked out to a worker; track tools, vehicles and PPE on job sites, as well as manage fall protection inspections and maintenance.

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“From an EHS perspective ... we want to get to zero injuries. I think this is a tool that can help get us there.”

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