Supplier Diversity



If you are interested in doing business with 3M, please register in our third party portal and indicate if you qualify as a diverse supplier or a small business. This is not a guarantee for future business; however, you will be contacted by a 3M representative if we find a potential match between your company's capabilities and our business needs.

  • image of Kelly Bysouth, Senior Vice President, Senior Vice President, Global Procurement

    Kelly Bysouth
    Senior Vice President, Global Procurement

    “The 3M culture is powered by Diversity & Inclusion – from the diversity of our product offerings and global workforce, to our strategic partners, including suppliers. Supplier Diversity is essential to our innovation, competitiveness, and the impacts we make in our communities. We are committed to moving beyond compliance to being a world-class leader in Supplier Diversity by partnering with industry advocacy groups, fostering development programs, and continually increasing our spend with diverse suppliers.”

In the U.S., 3M establishes annual targets and routinely tracks the value of goods and services purchased from small businesses and diverse suppliers. To achieve our milestones, 3M implemented a strategy aiming to: 


•    Double our spend with diverse suppliers and increase year-over-year spend with Minority-Owned and Small Businesses
•    Expand, support, and sponsor additional advocacy groups and their members, increasing our access to diverse suppliers
•    Enhance the integrity and management capabilities of our diverse supplier data and certifications


3M establishes goals and regularly tracks the dollar value of goods and services purchased from small business and diverse suppliers in concert with its U.S. Supplier Diversity targets, as well as the U.S. Federal Government, to set goals annually as part of our corporate Small Business Subcontracting Plan. In 2021, 3M’s spend with small businesses represented 7.6% of our total U.S. spend. We also spent 5.5% of total U.S. spend with diverse suppliers.

  • Advocacy Partners

    3M is proud to be aligned with several Advocacy Partners who help to enhance our Supplier Diversity initiative. 3M proactively identifies the suppliers to procure goods and services, strongly encourages the use of diverse suppliers across our Sourcing organization, and regularly reaches out through our involvement with various organizations.

    •    National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC)
    •    Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)
    •    Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA)
    •    Small Business Administration (SBA)
    •    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Minnesota (HCCM)
    •    U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC)
    •    U.S. Black Chambers Inc. (USBC)
    •    Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce (MAICC)
    •    National Veteran Business Development Center (NVBDC)

    3M will continue to expand its involvement with these groups as well as others to make a stronger impact in our communities.  

    One such partner is The Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), connecting us with certified women-owned businesses.

    3M supports and partners with the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) to identify and procure from nationally certified women-owned suppliers. The WBDC is a 501 (c)(3) and a nationally recognized leader in the field of women’s economic development with the mission to provide services and programs that support and accelerate women’s business ownership and strengthen their impact on the economy by creating jobs, fueling economic growth, and building strong communities. The support of corporate partners is critical in sustaining the work of the organization. 3M’s financial commitment contributes greatly to furthering the mission of the WBDC, while fostering innovation, driving competition, and demonstrating its commitment to the economic growth of all communities.

  • GAME Changer Supplier Development Program

    GAME Changer’s Purpose is to provide a development program to help generate business opportunities that provide a clear path towards a sustainable and inclusive future of more diverse suppliers for 3M and the communities they serve. 

    GAME Changer will build a pipeline of qualified diverse suppliers with capability to meet 3M’s needs. As an organization, we are dedicated to driving equitable outcomes through out business practices, and supplier diversity is a key lever in making a positive economic impact on diverse suppliers and the communities we serve.

    GAME Changer Program Overview (PDF, 232 KB)

    Conrad Nguyen, President – Kortech

    “We were able to leverage the experience and know-how of our mentors to further Kortech’s growth plan, capability, and capacity. During the program, we crafted the message for a commercial spot that ran on 40+ TV stations, developed a step-by-step implementation plan for the KORTECH Open+ Impact program to increase capacity and competitiveness, and won a contracting award.”

    Linda Arntzen, Vice President of Sales – PHT International

    “I learned that 3M has experts as a part of their team and so willing to share their innovation!  From the program, I was able to gain a business perspective on some of today’s most perplexing business operation challenges.”  

Shared Supplier Successes


3M Strategic Sourcing recently interviewed key supplier partners to provide visibility to how the partnership with 3M has amplified their business success. We’d like to introduce you to Conrad Nguyen, president, KORTECH.

KORTECH has been a preferred supplier since 1996. KORTECH, a BIPOC facilities management and staffing company, has provided 3M with specialized talent.

  • What has your experience been like as a supplier with 3M? 

    KORTECH has been a 3M preferred supplier of specialized talents since 1996. We have developed powerful partnerships built on trust, performance, and collaboration. We've been so successful because we've met the demands that are required to be a Supplier Diversity vendor. We meet regularly with 3M and track our performance and review our results.


    How did you become a 3M supplier, and how has 3M contributed to your growth?

    3M invested in our success by developing KORTECH with mentorship such as the GAME Changer program.  3M also expanded our business relationship by broadening its scope to include recruiting services for their manufacturing plants.


    What advice do you have for other suppliers who want to do business with 3M?

    Be clear about why your company is a good fit for 3M. Understand your business’s capacity and capabilities and know how to strengthen them when necessary. Develop expertise and a track record, then expand and grow from there. Consider being a Tier 2 supplier to the prime to establish past performance with 3M. Have lots of patience and take the time to build relationships with procurement managers and decision-makers.  And lastly, get certified.


    What have you done to further develop your business?


    We are continuing to strengthen our operations and processes, broadening the breadth and depth of services while investing in our people.  We leverage our work with 3M to show our abilities to meet the demands and expectations of a large corporation. We want other potential customers to know that we've worked with 3M for 26 years and have earned their business and would work hard to earn other companies’ business too.

    What is next for Kortech?

    We find ways to be visible in the small business community and share our story of KORTECH's growth. I have mentored other business owners and told my own story as a corporate leader who became an entrepreneur and try to inspire people to be bold in finding opportunities to grow their companies.

Renaissance Capital Alliance

Renaissance Capital Alliance, LLC, has been a preferred supplier since 2018. Renaissance Capital Alliance, LLC, an Equipment Finance / MBE – African American Owned Business has provided 3M with equipment financing.

  • What has your experience been like as a supplier with 3M?

    Our experience with 3M has been fantastic. We feel that we have been given a fair and equal opportunity to compete for business and appreciate the opportunity to work with 3M.


    How did you become a 3M supplier, and how has 3M contributed to your growth?

    We were given an opportunity to compete for leasing transactions through email correspondence with 3M. 3M has been a great partner and has been a strategic relationship for our company. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship!


    What advice do you have for other suppliers who want to do business with 3M?

    Large corporations can be very difficult to navigate. Make sure that you know your product and your value proposition. Understand that you have to compete and earn business with companies like 3M.


    What have you done to further develop your business?


    As we do with all of our clients, RCA looks to develop strong relationships and provide industry leading solutions and service.

    What is next for Renaissance Capital Alliance?

    RCA has experienced tremendous growth with our clients and we look forward to continue expanding our global footprint with some of North America’s largest organizations!

PHT International Inc.

PHT International has been a preferred supplier since 2010. PHT lnternational, a woman owned chemical company has provided 3M with intermediate into specialty adhesives.

  • What has your experience been like as a supplier with 3M?

    It has been a cooperative partnership.


    How did you become a 3M supplier, and how has 3M contributed to your growth?

    We gained insight from marketing intelligence and through persistence and demonstration of quality and reliability, we became partners.


    What advice do you have for other suppliers who want to do business with 3M?

    Our advice to prospective supply partners is to offer what you are strongest in, focus on quality and value.  Be persistent and diligent.


    What is next for PHT Chemical?

    We will continue to expand in areas of custom synthesis and manufacturing.

1.  My company has registered in the 3M portal, what should I do if I haven’t been contacted yet?

•    An acknowledgement will be sent indicating your company’s profile has been received in our database. We will review your company's information and advise if there are any opportunities in your category. Registration within our database does not guarantee an offer to bid or an intent to purchase goods or services. If you have questions, please contact us at

2.   Is 3rd party certification required to become a vendor to 3M?

•    While certification is not required to do business with 3M, we strongly recommend certification so the supplier can be included in the Supplier Diversity program. Third-party certification is encouraged and available to qualified diverse businesses through national certifying entities such as the National Minority Supplier Development Council, Women's Business Enterprise National Council, National Veteran Business Development Council, National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, and Disability:IN. However, hundreds of other certifying bodies with similarly stringent requirements also exist. Most cities, states, and municipalities have their own certification processes as well as other private and government certifying agencies. 3M is also a prime contractor to the U.S. Federal Government, and if you are interested in becoming a supplier for these products or services, we encourage you to register in as well. 

3. Where can I find out about request for proposals or future opportunities?

•    A member of the supplier diversity team will connect with you to learn more about opportunities that are available in your category or business commodity.

4. What if there are no immediate opportunities available with 3M?

•    The supplier’s information will remain in our database until the right opportunity arises. Category Owners will review the database to determine if there are suppliers who should be included in a particular bid. Suppliers are responsible for updating their information as changes occur within their company.

5. How can I become part of the GAME Changer program? 

•    To become part of the GAME Changer program email

6. How can I promote my business to 3M and decisions makers? 

•    Our team of Supplier Diversity Sourcing Managers will help facilitate discussions and meetings with internal decision makers as appropriate.

7. Are there any qualifications needed to do business with 3M? 

•    Qualifications will be based on the commodity or service that is provided as well as suppliers who can meet the elements of our Global Supplier Responsibility Code.

8. Does 3M provide early payment opportunities for diverse suppliers? 

•    Early payment options may be available through discounted invoice terms or Supply Chain Finance. Please work with your primary Sourcing contact to discuss what options may work for your company.

9. What goods and services does 3M purchase?  

•    3M procures materials and services that cross almost every commodity/category except for many food Items. Please visit our Products, Industries and Brands to learn more about 3M and potential to provide goods and services.


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    Renee Uzong
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    Cortney Hamment
    Supplier Diversity Leader