• Explore here to find the tools and information you need, from purchase orders to payment status. This area includes Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreement Terms & Conditions, Secured procurement tools, eCommerce information and 3M Sales Tax Information.

  • Depending on your access, here you will find information on 3M’s Corporate General Specifications and Package Engineering SOPs and Work Instructions, as well as a link to 3M’s Integrated Packaging Management System (IPM Portal or IPMp).

  • Look here for information such as routing instructions, shipping requirements, Cargo Security Programs and Advance Electronic Cargo Data Reporting Requirements for Imports where provided.

  • Supplier Collaboration improves the entire supply chain process through the sharing of our planning data to help Suppliers better plan for their own resources.

  • If you are an Outsource Manufacturing Business Partner, you will be able to access various secured 3M systems/applications here.

  • Diversity is a core value at 3M and we count on the contributions of our diverse supplier base to help us support our customers by moving into the future with new and fresh perspectives. Explore here for more information.

  • At 3M, we value our supplier relationships and want to recognize those outstanding in helping us succeed in accomplishing our Vision of 3M Technology Advancing Every Company, 3M Products Enhancing Every Home and 3M Innovation Improving Every Life. Learn more here.