Contingent Workforce (3M Non-Employee Workforce)

  • To review the access/pre-assignment requirements for contingent (non-3M) workers, click on the link below for the country in which your worker will be located.

COVID-19 Training for all Workers Coming to 3M Center Campus and Other Select 3M Sites

  • 3M has been implementing COVID-19 preparedness plans throughout the pandemic and is now planning to increase operations at 3M Center campus and other 3M worksites with an increased population of personnel (i.e., 3M employees and workers from other companies) working on sites.  All individuals at 3M Center campus or other assigned 3M worksites are required to become familiar with and follow these expectations to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

    • Monitor their personal health
    • Practice good personal hygiene
    • Distance themselves from others
    • Clean their workspace frequently

    Training Deck (PDF, 1.31 MB)

    Training Confirmation Web Form

    Handout (PDF, 203.95 KB)



    Required Actions

    1. Instruct each of your service workers to review these COVID-19 Prevention materials.
    2. Provide a copy of the handout provided to each of your personnel who will come onto the 3M Center campus or the assigned 3M worksite.
    3. Collect an attestation from each of your service workers that they have reviewed and understand the handout, and they agree to follow the recommendations.
    4. Complete the COVID-19 Preparedness Survey found at 3M Supplier Direct to confirm that you have received this communication, that your firm will comply with these requirements, and that each of your service workers who come onto 3M Center campus or other assigned 3M worksite have completed items 1), 2), and 3) above.

    3M Sites other than 3M Campus

    3M will provide suppliers notice if different COVID prevention measures and other requirements are applicable for other 3M sites.