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Where Science Meets Craft

You aim for perfection. We’d like to help.

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Flexographic Plate Mounting Tapes

Making Every Job Look the Best It Can

You care about your craft: you’re passionate about getting it right and dedicated to making sure every job that comes off your press is a work of art. What sets you apart is that your expertise doesn’t only reside inside your head, but also in the experience of your well-worn hands. Expertise and experience both tell you that in flexographic printing you need plate mounting and printing tape solutions that deliver optimal, consistent and productive quality. Every time. From every angle.

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“Craftspeople [krafts-pe-puhl] - People who practice or are highly skilled in a craft; artisans. Co-workers turn to you because you’re… A true specialist; A problem solver; Beyond meticulous.”
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Honor the Craft with the 3M Print Quality Advantage

You’ve devoted your career to the craft of flexographic printing. You want more than a supplier, you want a partner who can bring solutions and join you in looking at the bigger picture. 3M flexographic experts are devoted to finding ways to help you honor your commitment to the craft at all stages of the print process.

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    Plate mounting has to be perfect: it requires concentration and skill to mount the plate and configure cylinders correctly. We help you get it right.

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    During the print run you keep an eye on print quality, with a feel for how the press is running. We help keep each run rolling smoothly.

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    When the run is done demounting becomes the moment of truth. We’ll help reduce the incidence of plate damage and worker fatigue.

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    You need the right flexographic tape for each job whether it’s low density to maximize dot reproduction, high density for a solid color field or something in between. We offer the industry's largest range of tape densities so you can choose the precise one to best fit the needs of the job in hand.

    Learn how we help you find the optimal combination of characteristics for each job from choosing the right density in the plate mounting room to choosing the right adhesive to help with post-press removal.

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    When you pull two samples you want them to look the same. We offer one of the industry’s tightest caliper tolerances so you know your flexographic tape is the same thickness whether it’s from the beginning or the end of the roll – or even a different roll.

    Learn more about how we can help you find consistency, from technologies that help eliminate air bubbles at mounting to adhesives that reduce plate damage at demounting.

  • Worker removing flexographic tape from a cylinder


    Air bubbles and edge lift are the enemy, interrupting the run and killing productivity. Our flexographic mounting tapes can help, offering air-release and firm stick so your press keeps running.

    Learn more about how we help improve productivity with adhesive and foam characteristics that help throughout your process, from right-first-time mounting to demounting with less force for reduced plate damage and worker fatigue.

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Hard Proof: Printing Resources

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    The technical society devoted exclusively to the flexographic printing industry.

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Need help finding the right product for your project? Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M technical specialist, or give us a call at 1-800-831-0658.

Need help finding the right product for your project? Contact us if you need product, technical or application advice or want to collaborate with a 3M technical specialist, or give us a call at 1-800-831-0658.

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