Improving Productivity

Improving Productivity with 3M Solutions

How 3M Improves Productivity

With challenging geographies, rising operational costs and environmental concerns, accessing established and unconventional reserves is getting harder all the time. But you can conquer these challenges – from oil sands, to desert rigs, to permafrost and offshore platforms – with breakthrough 3M products and technologies designed to help you meet productivity goals with confidence.

  • Reinforce your operations with density-reducing additives, filtration for production fluids, and other advanced 3M technologies specially engineered to optimize performance in extreme environments and downhole operations.

    • Production & Completion Fluids Filtration
    • Lightweighting Drilling Fluid
    • Lightweight Cementing
    • Sand Control
  • Refining & Production Filtration
    Refinery & Production Filtration

    Refineries, gas processing and production facilities around the world depend on 3M Purification's advanced filtration technologies for efficient contaminant removal and added equipment protection.

    • Refining Filtration
    • Gas Process Filtration
  • Equipment & Facility Maintenance
    Equipment & Facility Maintenance

    There is no time for an unexpected interruption in your production project timelines. Team up with 3M for advanced technologies that defend your operations against premature deterioration of critical assets assets resulting in unscheduled maintenance.

    • Grinding, Stripping, & Finishing
    • Sealing & Repairing
    • Bonding & Masking
    • Cleaning & Lubricating
  • Metal Fabrication
    Metal Fabrication

    Abrasives are one of 3M's core technologies, and this vast product portfolio includes a variety of technologies, including industrial superabrasives and specialized metal abrasives for cutting tool manufacturing. Applications include: cutting and grinding; blending and deburring; cleaning and surface prep; and finishing and polishing.

    • Grinding, Stripping & Finishing
    • Worker Health & Safety
    • Welding Safety
  • Pipeline Locating & Marking
    Pipeline Locating & Marking

    Use 3M Locating and Marking solutions to accurately identify the location and depth of gas pipes, valves, stubs and turn points.

    • Pipe Locating
    • Pipeline Electronic Marking
  • Communications & Networking
    Communications & Networking

    Reliable telecommunications solutions from 3M connect, protect, test and support your fiber infrastructures. Install new fiber networks or upgrade existing ones, manage your assets – and bring reliability and simplicity back to your industrial network.

    • Connecting
    • Cable Splicing & Termination
    • Splice Protection
    • Locating & Marking


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