Upstream Solutions

Upstream Solutions

Upstream: Exploration and Production

  • Every day, exploration, recovery and production operations around the world are putting advanced 3M technologies to use, helping to:

    • Enhance the efficiency of directional drilling operations 
    • Reduce downtime and maintaining risers, pipeline and equipment 
    • Protect the health and safety of workers in hazardous environments

Upstream Solutions

  • Density-reducing additives, filtration for production fluids, and other advanced 3M technologies specially engineered to optimize performance in extreme environments and downhole operations.

    • Lightweighting Drilling Fluids
    • Lightweighting Cements
    • Production & Completion Fluids Filtration
    • Advanced Materials
    • Sand Control
  • Flow Assurance
    Flow Assurance

    Help ensure reliable product flow by reinforcing umbilicals, risers and flowlines, and by protecting them from high pressures, extreme cold and corrosive chemicals.

    • Flexible Flowline Manufacturing
    • Flowline Corrosion Protection
    • Increasing Buoyancy
    • Pipeline Insulating
  • Tubular & Casing Corrosion Protection
    Tubular & Casing Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion protection solutions from 3M help to extend the life of steel pipelines, flowlines and structural components – reducing downtime, maintenance costs and the risk of pipeline failure.

    • Liquid Pipe Coatings
    • Flowline Corrosion Protection
  • Rig Fabrication & Maintenance
    Rig Fabrication & Maintenance

    From essential construction tools and abrasives to personal protective equipment, 3M provides a wide variety of proven technologies to help you get the job done the right way – quickly, safely, and built to last.

    • Advanced Materials
    • Grinding, Stripping & Finishing
    • Electrical Construction Maintenance
    • Bonding & Masking
    • Sealing & Repairing
    • Industrial Tapes & Adhesives
    • Flowline Corrosion Protection
    • Spill Containment & Cleanup
  • Rig & Platform Safety
    Rig & Platform Safety

    3M is committed to helping you create a safer workplace for your people. Safeguard equipment, reduce accidents, protect health and safety – and keep your oil and gas exploration operations going.

    • Fire Protection
    • Fire Suppression
    • Worker Health & Safety
    • Spill Containment & Cleanup


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