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Industry Innovation Runs Deep at 3M Oil and Gas

  • 3M supplies thousands of products to the global Oil and Gas Industry and its applications. From everyday essentials – such as respirators, abrasives and electrical connectors – to advanced materials for preventing corrosion and reducing the density of downhole cements, 3M technologies offer you a wealth of ingenious solutions to many of today's toughest challenges.

Advanced Materials Products and Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Ceramic Sand Screens

    Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your oil and gas operations with 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screens. Resistant to corrosion, erosion, acids, brines and high temperatures, these durable systems help minimize sand production while maximizing flow capacity and screen life.

  • Glass Bubbles for Drilling and Cementing

    In control fluids and cement slurries, 3M glass bubbles help reduce and control downhole pressure to improve well efficiency and productivity.

  • Glass Bubbles for Insulation and Buoyancy

    Syntactic foams filled with 3M glass bubbles are used for thermal insulation for pipeline and risers, and for buoyancy modules with maximum lift at any depth rating.

  • Thrust Bearings

    Thrust Bearings are designed to help increase equipment service life in the challenging environments of oil and gas exploration and production.

  • Well Stimulation

    Fluorinated well stimulants help keep sandstone natural gas wells productive by reducing condensate and water blockages.

  • Surface Treatment for Proppant

    Fluorochemical surface treatment applied to proppant to help maximize oil and natural gas production during fracturing.

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