Sand control. Simplified.

Sand control. Simplified.

Erosion resistant ceramic sand screens help reduce workovers, increase production.

3M™ Ceramic Sand Screen Solutions

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    Sand control is a constant problem in soft or weak geological formations. Thousands of feet downhole, formation sand can choke oil or gas production – and if it isn’t filtered out, this sand can damage equipment downstream. 3M™ Ceramic Sand Screen Systems are engineered to simplify complex sand control methods. And that makes it easier to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your oil and gas operations.

    Made from an extremely hard advanced ceramic material, 3M ceramic sand screens withstand abrasion and erosion that would damage conventional metal screens. These extremely durable systems resist corrosion, erosion, acids, brines and high temperatures to minimize sand production – while maximizing your flow capacity and screen life.

    • 10x harder than metallic screens
    • Proven to resist wear even under high velocity flows
    • Can eliminate the need for complex sand control methods
    • Customizable for almost any prevailing wellbore condition

Ceramic Sand Screens Videos

Thanks to the unique properties of technical ceramics, ceramic sand screens from 3M work beyond the limits of competing sand control techniques and outlast steel screens in an extreme hardness erosion test. Our Ceramic Sand Screen Systems resist chemical attack by hot sulfuric acid, aggressive completion fluids and other corrosive chemicals in the oil and gas operations industry. See the difference.

Technical Specification Data Sheets For Ceramic Sand Screens

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