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We understand working under challenging conditions in harsh and remote geographies, mineral extraction is in our DNA. (Mining is our second “M.”) We use our deep industry knowledge and hard-won expertise to tap into our many innovative solutions which can be used to help accelerate your progress. Our firsthand knowledge of mining, and oil and gas challenges helps us develop products and services that protect your assets, your workers, your profits, and the environment for years to come. From microscopic glass bubbles, an additive that can make polymer foams so strong they can withstand the crushing pressure associated with deep ocean oil wells. Or our highly reflective materials, designed to enhance the visibility of the workers in dim light conditions when illuminated by a light source. And our purification systems for amine gas sweetening systems that ensure you get improved efficiency while helping protect process equipment and reduce maintenance costs. The next generation of mining, oil and gas is here, and with 3M, you can be sure you’re on the cutting edge.

At 3M, we are experts at propelling your industry forward. We began more than 100 years ago as a mining company. Today, we help customers leverage our expertise in extraction, transportation, production and safety technologies for their cutting-edge mining, oil and gas applications around the world. With products and solutions to help keep crews safe to hydraulic fracturing, directional drilling and petrochemical refining technologies that maximize your asset investment, we help mining, oil and gas companies make the most out of their resources.

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                Safe. Productive. Efficient.

                We understand the importance you place on the health and safety of your crew. Running a successful drilling operation requires full attention to the entire process. From site exploration to transportation to product processing.  A successful operation requires protecting your crew and your equipment. With 3M, you can provide that – every step of the way.

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                We partner with you to help protect people and the workplace, improve productivity and extend asset life.

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                From safety to environment. Asset life to productivity. Whatever you need, we work hard to help you find a solution.

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